Our ability to remain calm depends on our ability to be able to stabilize our breathe.

And our ability to stabilize our breathe depends on our ability to be able to breathe well.

Our ability to breathe well depends on 2 factors;

  1. A calm and relaxed mind devoid of heightened stimulations or emotions
  2. A good digestive power


  • Ø The First reason – The nose consists of a spongy mucus membrane that is an erectile tissue, same as what we have in our reproductive organs. When a person is stimulated sexually or is prone to severely heightened stress, this spongy tissue gets filled with blood and becomes erect thereby blocking the nasal passage. This blockage can also happen when one keeps a lot of unexpressed emotions within oneself.

The nose is directly connected to the reproductive organs. This is the most primitive function. You can also see animals sniffing the sexual organs to see if the opposite sex is in heat. In humans, this very basic aspect of smell though is not very well developed, is definitely present.

A simple case in example is the smell of sweat. The sweat glands or in Ayurveda called the ‘Svedavaha Srotas’ or the micro circulatory channel responsible for sweating is a clear example of our reaction to smells.

When a person has a heightened sexual nature, the glands automatically start to produce the smell of Shukra (seminal fluid) which will attract the opposite sex. This is instinctive. The semen or Shukra dhatu is present all over the body. When heightened sexual activity in a person takes place, it increases in volume and is transported throughout the body and also is sent out through the skin when a person perspires.

The same is the case with a person suffering from high acidity. The smell of sweat is very acrid, very acidic and very repulsive. It has got a strong stench. When a person suffers from a lot of gas, he will hardly sweat. When a person suffers from Kapha, the sweat will have a dense sweet odour.

Smell of vegetables and spices such as Onion, garlic, Chillies and Hing (Asafoetida) to name a few agitate the mind and also stimulate the sexual glands. Perfumes like Musk, Patchouli etc agitate the sexual glands. Our consciousness becomes gross and we become more tamasic in nature. Sandalwood and Vetriver are exceptions in this category which actually is very soft in their effects on the mind. Sandalwood is considered a royal perfume that has a lasting effect in tingling the kapha (bringing harmony and stability to the mind) thereby harmonizing the heightened aggression in humans.

  • The second reason the nostril gets blocked is because of the agitation of the white matter of the brain. this is called “Tarpaka Kapha“. This is like the hardware of the brain on which all our experiences and knowledge is stored.

When we perceive any situation, the perception is understood and analysed through a channel present in the Brain and Heart called Sadhaka Pitta. Sadhaka Pitta is responsible for Understanding, Reasoning, Comprehension, Appreciation, Self-Esteem, Courage and expression of Thoughts and Feelings. Here Sadhaka Pitta is like the software and Tarpaka Kapha is the hardware.

Sadhaka Pitta works through the neurotransmitters. When a person is stressed, Tarpaka Kapha gets stressed too. The white matter of the brain or Tarpaka Kapha controls the Cerbo-Spinal fluid, Brain, Meninges, White Matter, Sinus & Middle Of Ear. It is responsible for Nourising & Lubricating Organs of the head, Nourishing the Sensory & Cognitive faculties & the Motor Organs.

Because of the Tarpaka Kapha getting stressed, the sinuses flow through the nostrils and congest breathing. You will notice that anyone is high stress will invariably suffer from Nose blockages, Allergies due to cold and dust, running nose, itching eyes, reddening of the nose and corner of eyes, etc.

  • The third reason why our nose gets blocked is due to bad digestion. The by-product of digestion is the formation of mucus. Also, the undigested food and undigested acids agitate the walls of the Small Intestine thereby producing more mucus. Ranjaka Pitta, (the potent acid present in the Small Intestine consisting of the Pancreatic fluids, The Bile from the Liver as well as the acid from the stomach) helps in breaking down the food and helping in the absorption of nutrients in to the blood. The undigested acids cause the mucus membranes in the intestines and thereby more mucus is produced as a result of improper absorption of food.


  • Parmeshwaran
    Posted November 4, 2012 1:57 pm 0Likes

    I loved the article. Incidentally I’m undergoing treatment for my nasal condition now. I was addicted to this nasal drops called ‘Otrivin’ which on a longer term is not good.

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted November 4, 2012 2:06 pm 0Likes

      Hi Pam 🙂 How’re you doing?? Please write to me about your problem.

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