Ayurvedic MedicineThrough the last 150 years, Ayurveda has been systematically and clandestinely reduced to be a  science of “Alternative medicine”. This was because the westerners propagated allopathy and made people feel that they had solutions for every ailment. People took life easy and started becoming irresponsible towards their health, food habits and lifestyles.

Allopathy & Side Effects

Peoples’ thoughts were influenced by a presumed simplicity of allopathic medication. But in reality it has not help to cure problems. People have been made to feel that serious problems like blood pressure and diabetes are just a pill away. They do not seem to realize the medications that keep increasing because of the side effects. As a result of more medication, new ailments are surfacing.

Root Cause not Explained

Pathalogy Tests

Anything that sounds so simple does not necessarily have to have a solution to the problem. The root cause is neither understood nor explained. And the side effects of these medications are never explained and people are introduced to more and more medications as a consequence of over medication, for ailments they acquired because of over medication.

This is a vicious circle. The routine pathological tests bind you with numbers and makes you feel vulnerable all the time. The parameters are lowered time to time to keep you trapped and to get more people into the net of this health business.

Ayurveda and Yoga

While allopathy simply follows a business model of “Your feeling good is our motto”, Ayurveda and Yoga have always been and continue to be gentle empathetic and compassionate sciences, one which have an attitude like your mother who says “Your uncompromising Wellness is my motto”. It’s care and concern are deeply embedded in its wisdom.

High Energy Levels

With prevention of ailments being the fundamental thought and the core of a Yogic and Ayurvedic thought, your immunity is always kept strong and you will rarely succumb to ailments.

Even ageing is experienced gracefully with energy levels being good and consistent. Robust health and a glowing skin, with organs working to their optimum best, with a good digestive fire aiding digestion and absorption of nutrition from the foods you consume, both Yoga and Ayurveda are the “True Anti-Ageing sciences”.

Yoga and Ayurveda are the only twoSciences that teach Conscious living. Living encompasses everything from what time you wake up and why; up to the benefits you can completely derive from what you do during the day till the time you go to sleep. Yoga and Ayurveda help you plan everything to stay healthy.

By adopting simple processes during your day to day life and by gently altering certain practices, you can get up to 50% more energy and at least 35% more time to do things without losing out on any of your favorite activities.

Increasing the energy levels

Pranayama and Yoga

Altered and well-regulated breathing patterns called Pranayamas and advanced techniques which help tap into your consciousness and improve your intuitive abilities called Kriyas help in ascending over your physical, psychological and biological limitations and reach out into the psychic realms giving you experiences of higher energies.

Focusing on these energies and tapping into the source of these energies give extra sensory perceptions, a truly super human feat.

To conclude, when you have good and sustained energy levels, your ability to think rationally and logically becomes more powerful. You can actually feel the power of using 100% of your mind space as Yoga teaches you to the techniques to reprogram your mind and junk the unnecessary software that keeps you needlessly entertained and wastes your most productive time that can earn you rich rewards. 

Manifesting your thoughts into tangible actions and earning substantially out of these actions makes Yoga a science which directly enables you to become rich monetarily too. 

Ayurveda gives you the knowledge to discipline your body and feel the power of nature running through your blood, muscles and tissues to enable you to beat the ageing process. Together with these two powerful sciences, enjoy a life full of rewards. 

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