1). “Is there possibilities of conflict in what ‘Atman’ says right and what is morally wrong”

MORALITY – Morality depends totally on what is taught to you based on the values that are essential for your day to day living. Morality defines the codes of conduct and behaviour that is seen as fit to stay in your social environment.

The understanding of morality stems from your intellect; And ‘Right and wrong’ are both perspectives based on your experiences in life. This experience is limited to the physical world you live in.

‘Morality, Social etiquettes and other such expressions differ from society to society based on their cultural maturity over age. And this is based on their experience gathered over lifetimes and passed down as thoughts which have been explored, tried and tested, and found fit to serve their inter-personal needs within their social framework and environment’.

THE VOICE OF THE ATMAN – What the “Atman” or the voice of your consciousness says is totally different from what is defined as ‘Morality’.

The voice of your consciousness is a revelation for your spiritual well being. It goes beyond your body, mind and intellect and their gross needs, and the needs as defined by your social environment. It is the expression of your very existence in harmony with nature.

When you have transcended the limitations of your Mind and Body, ‘rights and wrongs’ do not exist. You work from the aspect of your higher consciousness where any relevance to the world you live in is absent. You respond to divine guidance to carry on with your life’s spiritual pursuits. And the guidance you receive from your higher consciousness guides your daily activities, your routines, your thoughts and actions.

Therefore a possibility of conflict does not arise at all.

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