My “Spiritual Self” was sought after by a “Seeker of Truth” who was very eager to explore and experience the states of higher consciousness. His intent was pure and his hunger genuine. He wanted to liberate himself from the pulls and pushes of this mundane world and experience liberation while staying in his body, in the world he lives in.

Dear Shri. Bharat Lal Meena is indeed an elevated soul. He rightly responded to his inner quest for liberation coming from his past lives. This was very clearly seen from his devotion to learn the higher practices of Kriya and the scriptures.

Holding an esteemed position in society, he has used his position in public office to serve the society and through these efforts, has made name for himself. He works tirelessly for the needy, be it anyone. His genuine need to explore “Spiritual Bliss” through selfless acts of “Karma Yoga” has earned him a reputation the all would envy, with pride of course.

His keenness to practice and learn the deepest meanings as revealed in the scriptural texts from the Vedanta were of the highest order and his ability to comprehend and assimilate were indeed note worthy.

During our interactions and Kriya sessions (over a period of 4 years), he experienced various states of ‘out of body experiences’. From these experiences, he wrote down questions that were actually blockages to his journey to experience divine consciousness. When he addressed these questions to me, my higher spiritual self was sought to answer them.

We recently made a trip to the Higher Himalayas with the sole objective of making him experience the highest truth of living through his consciousness. This practice, when adopted and perfected will make a person a ‘Jivan Mukta”.

(A Jivan Mukta is an adept who lives in the world but is not touched or influenced by it in any way. He is one who has resolved with all the conflicts of his body, mind and intellect. Thus, he attains liberation from the superimposition of his ignorant self and stays in tune with cosmic consciousness. When the time is right for him to leave the body, he discards it with his will, thereby releasing his soul from recurring births and deaths. He merges into the Brahman).

Shri.Bharat Lal Meena’s ability to experience these higher kriyas are indeed note worthy. I am very sure, with his consistent efforts, he will achieve his goal some day soon. Through his efforts and his genuineness of nature, he has earned my deepest love and respect. My prayers are with him for his success. I also pray to God to shower his choicest blessing on this very devoted son of his.

I humbly invite you to partake in these session through reading our discourses. You may please feel free to interact with me and any queries you have will be addressed by a genuine effort to source the answer from the higher consciousness that I seek help from.

One question will be taken up in a week. The time in between is for discussions from “YOU” ‘The unshakable and determined seekers of truth’, who want to explore on the subject further.

I lovingly invite you to enjoy this journey with me. Please ride with me. Hop on, my dear beloved seeker.

NOTE: These article or my blog however does not intend to trespass anybody’s faith or religious beliefs.

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