 Suprabhatam

Each one of us have come into this world to play a predefined role. That is the very reason we take birth. It has never been possible that you took birth by chance. This is the karma theory.

Your parents were only biologically responsible for your birth, but the deeper significance is understood by your subconscious mind. It knows the reasons and the background for your birth and existence.

Karma is usually portrayed as your baggage that you have created and the contents of which you will have to endure. The consequence is usually seen as suffering. It is supposed to create a setback in your life by influencing your daily actions and denying you the expected result of your actions.

Your birth is seen as as a result of your past karmic activity. Here I mean your past life/lives. But is it really so? This question is debatable no doubt as we do not carry any records as proof of this possibility or let us say “this fact”. And from there on, the convenience of basing everything on your karma is “very boldly” practiced. This is as good as saying “Keep off! I’m not to ‘completely’ blame at all”, Or It was “destined to happen this way”, or It is a “suffering I will have to endure because of my past lives karmas”.

So, if this is true, what is the point in expecting any result at all? Is only a negative result which you experience as a consequence of your karmic theory? And what if you get a result so positively beyond your expectation?  Do you have the  magnanimity of attributing it to some positive karmas in your past.

“Man is a hypocrite. While he blames and associates the negative results in his life with his karmic baggage, he is not willing to share his success with the same baggage. He does not even want to see a remote association because “”his ego cannot understand a success which happened by chance””. There has to be a doer and experiencer. And he is the champion who made it happen…!!

So if there was a doer and an experiencer in a ‘Positively Driven Situation’ which yielded a very good result, the same doer is present in the ‘Negatively Driven Situation’ which yielded a negative result right? So now, what does your karma theory say?

By the way, this theory is not applicable for someone else’s roaring success. Their success is attributed to their past karmas as though they were never entitled to the success.

Think about this…. We shall meet tomorrow. Give you ego some constructive work for a change.

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