WALKING the best exercise

Walking is the best form of exercise and the simplest one at that. It is enjoyable and unwinding. Walking also increases the metabolic activity and helps in improving circulation all over the body.  The after effects of a good walk is a relaxed feeling.

You would be surprised to know that you can derive many other benefits from walking if you become consciously aware of a couple of key areas in your legs and your pelvis to start with.

It is important also to bring to your notice that by changing the breathing  rhythm and altering the awareness of the location of the breathe, the advantages get more than doubled and the positive effects are simply awesome and long lasting. Walking

The time of walking as well as the diet you may want to indulge in can and will have very powerful benefits and will aid in improving your health and longevity. These will be discussed later in the forthcoming articles on the same topic.

Walking can become a powerfully liberating activity as well as an energizing one. There are powerful ways to derive these benefits. Let’s understand why walking is so preferred.

Walking Benefits

Let’s understand what happens while you walk. A very common article on the internet would give you the following benefits. These are;

  1. Increased cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness (meaning healthy heart and lungs)
  2. Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
  3. Improved blood pressure
  4. Improvement of fat metabolism leading to weight loss
  5. Stronger bones
  6. Increased muscle strength

While this information is quite ordinary and is general knowledge, the actual benefits that can be highlighted according to Siddha science, Ayurveda and Yoga are completely mind boggling. Read on…

ojas fluidA very essential Note before you proceed further to the article: Emphasis has been placed on the reproductive health because of the location of certain key areas in your legs and pelvis as mentioned above. They are incidentally very beneficial. A secretion of an essential fluid called ‘Ojas’ takes place while in the production of the reproductive tissue. 

Ojas literally means “Vigour”. It is the subtle essence of the Reproductive tissue (Shukra Dhatu) and all other secretions in the body. Ojas is not a physical substance but a secretion of life energy that exists on a subtle level in the region of the Heart. It is well nourished by a well balanced emotional quotient. Happiness increases Ojas.

Ojas is the ultimate product of Nutrition from a happy and healthy Digestion. It is the prime energy reserve for the whole body. When Ojas is sufficient, you enjoy good health. When Ojas is deficient, you are susceptible to diseases as immunity levels are very low.

Walking and Marma

Let us explore the actual reasons why walking is a very good exercise. 

  1. Walking involves legs obviously. There are two marma points on either legs. Let’s explore both, one by one. These points are;
    A) The 1st point is in the centre of the thigh. There is a marma point situated at the center on the widest part of the mid thigh called the ‘Urvi marma’. This marma point is responsible for controlling the water and fat metabolism. The pressure exercised on the legs,,, on every step taken has its effect on our water metabolism. This corresponds to the. Evacuation of urinestools and all other wastes because of the action of Vitapa marma. Technique of walking – Do not knock your knees but gently bend your knee while walking. This puts a gentle pressure on the front part of the thighs as also protects the knee from unnecessary jerks.B) The second point is called ‘Vitapa marma’, situated at a finger’s unit (circumference of the index finger), lateral to the pubic symphysis. This is exactly at the spot on the inner curvature of the thigh, alongside of the level of the testes. (Marma are subtle energy points that connect to the Nadis (subtle nerve pathways that carry energy)). When we walk, this point gets massaged and activated.

You will be glad to know that this point is responsible for controlling our reproductive and menstrual systems. It also controls and activates the downward moving force called “Apana Vayu” which is primarily responsible for the following actions in the body;

  1. Cures the onset of constipation or Diarrhea
  2. Regulates menstrual irregularities
  3. Regulates and promotes Sexual function
  4. Cures lower backache which is associated to poor evacuation of bowels, gases stuck in the intestines, abdominal distension and menstrual irregularities. Apana Vayu also helps in preventing the onset of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.
Technique of Walking

Consciously extend the muscles of your lower abdomen while you breathe in and pull it inward while you breathe our. This has to be done while walking.

Maintain a conscious rhythm so the breathing becomes easy and the flexing of muscles have their desired effect on the Marma point.

Observe the beautiful arrangement of nature to cure us of our ailments just by walking.

Let’s now go a little further up to the area of our pelvis. This is the area of the ‘Basti Marma’. This area is just above the bladder, between the pubis and symphysis and the umblicus (navel). This point when stimulated controls the muscular system in the body as well as the fat metabolism in the body.

This area has the following curative properties when stimulated. They are;

  1. It relieves abdominal gas
  2. Reduces nervous exhaustion
  3. Improves the functioning of the reproductive system
  4. Improves the quality of plasma and immunity in the body

Technique of walking – Consciously extend the muscles

NOTE : A word of encouragement is important here. When this marma is activated through specific pranayamas, it helps in controlling your emotions and you can become balanced in your perceptions and thoughts. It helps in combating stress too. As a consequence, the quality of Ojas improves substantially. Mind becomes silent and the inner chatter within your mind substantially reduces. The advantage is your ability to perceive your external environment with more clarity.

IMPORTANT NOTE : It is essential to note that walking alone cannot restore your health. All the ancient sciences of Siddha, Ayurveda, Yoga are programmed to give you maximum benefits if you follow the biological clock. Our body like any other living organism like animals, plants and insects are programmed to work most effectively by taking energy from the sun.

Therefore it is essential to understand that following the biological clock is paramount to have good health. That is the very reason why walking is healthiest when done early morning at sunrise.

It would be most appropriate if some tips are shared for maintaining better health of both body and mind.

Health TipsHEALTH TIP WITH THIS ARTICLE – It is very important not to talk or stand while having food. Food should be chewed and tasted with your conscious involvement. Therefore, do not talk while eating. While you chew your food, close your eyes for a few moments to relish all the subtle tastes that are present i the food. Natural salivation is very important. This helps in breaking down the food and makes it capable for the nutrients to get assimilated in the body.

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