This programme helps in losing inches. It is not a programme to calculate the weight according to the “Index of Weight to Age ratio” or the “Body Mass Index” ratios as concocted in the last 100 years or so. Therefore, this reference point cannot and should not be used to assess your success.

The weight Management programme is “Not a Weight Loss Programme”. This programme is designed to make you lose that extra fat which has been so lovingly accumulated because of wrong lifestyle and faulty eating habits.

So the primary requirement of the programme is to reverse all those activities that could adversely affect the programme’s effectiveness. And this new lifestyle and food regimen “As recommended” should be maintained for life.

This programme has been designed by me after including the rules of Siddha medicine to accurately understand the reasons for weight gain through Nadi Pariksha. Other therapies like home remedies and diet are prescribed during the course of the programme and will continue to be in force for a period of 2-4 months or as applicable on a case to case basis, to support and make the programme most effective.

The weight management programme is a “DO IT YOURSELF” programme where you are taught the necessary group of asanas and Pranayamas that are “Designed for your Specific Constitution type only”. There is no generalised programme that can give solutions to everyone.

There are in all “24 Asanas and their variations” as applicable and “46 various Pranayamas” (out of a total of 279 pranayamas in the ‘Pranayama Sutra’ which are used in therapy to treat and cure psychological and psycho-physiological aliments) that are available for the programme.

A total of 9-11 asanas (as applicable) of the 24 asanas and 4-5 Pranayamas (as applicable) are taught.

The programme is designed to work for a week at a stretch. No break should be taken. Especially for ladies, they cannot and should not perform these asanas and some of the pranayamas when they are menstruating. This can adversely affect the flow as most asanas are designed to work on the region of the abdomen.

In special cases where existing weakness in the body prevails, the programme may be stretched over 2 separate sessions by adding special sessions and diets to help gain energy and stamina. This will be done at a very nominal extra cost to felicitate proper and complete learning of the student/patient. The subsequent session will be conducted only after the student has become proficient with the current group of asanas.

It is very much necessary that the student/patient practices the asanas and pranayamas strictly as per the schedules and repetition of cycles as recommended on a daily/weekly basis, as applicable on a case to case basis.

Kindly contact me on +91-9483505000 or on my email id at raviyoga.remedies@gmail.com to get the cost of the programme. The cost of the programme excludes the cost of Nadi Pariksha which is a very essential part as explained earlier. The whole programme is based and tailored according to findings in the Nadi Pariksha.

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