The Guru-Shishya Paramparika is a holy union of the seeker of knowledge, and the Giver of knowledge – The Shishya and Guru.

This journey of this unique bond begins with an intermingling of energy in the form of vibrations that subsequently converge to take the form of a singular vibratory frequency, born out of intent, purpose, content and will to vibrate as a whole new entity, pregnant with a Spiritual purpose, as divinely devised by nature.

A big intriguing question here is; How do two living entities like the Guru and Shishya form a “Unified Energy Relationship” while vibrating in their own independent frequencies?

Energy is Prana. And Prana is intelligent life force, present as pure intelligence in every life form that exists on this planet. Prana knows the reason for it’s existence in the present form and knows till when such a form has to exist in the environment. When certain energies go missing, then there is disharmony in the environment, and the Pranic forces get disturbed.

Likewise, the fusion of Pranic forces in the Guru and Shishya is decided by nature, well in advance, even before they meet in person. The Shishya intuitively understands the higher vibrations of this unified frequency and thus begins the connect with the Guru. The Guru later appears in a physical or a metaphysical form.

This union cannot be explained in words. When the Shishya becomes a part of this matched higher frequency, the Pranic currents that flow through the Shishya is a Spiritually blissful experience that is deeply nourishing, assuring and comforting. The comfort is a knowing that is purely divine and purposeful that immediately establishes peace and tranquility that cannot be found elsewhere else by the Shishya.

A Guru is aware of the vibratory frequency that is conducive for the environment for teaching. He understands the vibratory frequency of his Shishya and thus creates a singular purposeful energy channel and a conducive environment that brings harmony for learning.


The Guru influences every aspect of the Shishya’s life. This is significantly important as the Guru assumes the form of a Friend, Philosopher and Guide to train the Shishya to live as necessary and to absorb the teachings that is conducive to learning.

The Guru helps to take out all current and potential hurdles from the Shishya’s life provided the Shishya unconditionally and completely surrenders to the Guru. The Shishya’s individual vibratory frequency has to be forthwith discarded and should be merged with that of the Guru.

It is only through this channel of a co-mingled, unique frequency that the transfer of knowledge happens. The channel of energy meant for a harmonious transfer is known only to the Guru. This will ensure an unhindered and unbiased environment, ideal for learning. The vibrations of the Guru will then reach such dimensions in the Shishya’s consciousness which is accessible to no one else.

As time progresses and the Sadhana of the Shishya intensifies, the Shishya gradually becomes a natural extension of the Guru’s vibratory frequency. This divinely guided extension can be known and experienced only to the Guru and Shishya. Even the Shishya’s immediate family or even his/her parents can’t access or experience this vibration.

The subtle connection has to happen in the deepest levels of consciousness to allow the fusion of Pranic currents. Thus, all previously held thoughts, perceptions, feelings and emotions have to be consciously discarded by the Shishya as they will prove to be an interference in the Shishya’s connection with the Guru. This will prevent disharmony in the fusion of Pranic currents.

It is quite important and imperative to note here that any form of disagreement or argument by the Shishya will throw this fusion of Pranic currents out of gear and disharmony will prevail.

Thus the original learning and transfer of knowledge as destined in this Guru-Shishya relationship will be replaced by knowledge gained through gross awareness corrupted by strong, negatively altered Pranic currents, influenced strongly by egotistic perceptions and emotions of the Shishya.


There is definitely reason for the varied kinds of initiations and energy transfers. They are meant to methodically and sequentially enhance the Shishya’s elevation of consciousness for higher learning each time.

Thus the Guru’s teachings expand over a large area of knowledge; From books to mantras, from his valuable personal experiences to Kriyas specifically designed for the Shishya’s personal growth and Spiritual evolution. The Guru also passes on energy through his own vibrations through tapping the Shishya’s mental, Pranic or auric fields.

At very specific times, Mantras will be given to the Shishya to open up weak or dormant centres in their Pranic or auric fields, in their mental or bodily energies only with the intention to make the Shishya stronger and more powerful in their Spiritual journey.

The Shishya is empowered step by step to conquer their inner being and will find their aura to be influencing on others and will see others getting attracted to them.

There are instances where the Shishya gets tempted to seek the help of other Spiritual or Tantrik practitioners to get an extra dose of this power with an intent to break away perceived hurdles only to gain more power and reach in society. This is purely an egotistic. Dream to be. Discarded instantly.

This practice will have to be strictly avoided as this will create hurdles and the planned sequential teachings of the Guru will be hampered. Also, with an experience of power gained from such Tamasic forces, the Shishya will gain a false sense of pride and ego which will be detrimental to their progress in their Spiritual path. Moreover, they will be compromising the Guru’s energies so selflessly deposited into them for their Spiritual growth through the practices initiated to them by their Guru.

With a devotion to the Guru that is compromised and which is shared between Sattva and Tamas, their learning will be very badly affected because of doubts and confusion arising in their minds. With their loyalty to their Guru in question, their devotion to their Guru and his teachings will also suffer.

The Guru will not object to the Shishya’s adventurous forays but will forewarn the Shishya of it’s pitfalls. It is for the Shishya to take the cue and act with wisdom.

It is the Shishya’s duty and responsibility to maintain the highest respect, discipline and decorum for the Guru. By doing so, their ability to connect and stay connected to receive the Guru’s blessings throughout will be a blissful experience, one that will highly Spiritually rewarding.

This article is written by Shri.Ravishankar Krishnamurthy through his own experiences while he was being systematically tutored and nurtured with love and care by his Guru in a Gurukulam and also of his experiences while teaching his Shishyas.

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