Namaste! You are currently reading this information as the universe has directed you to do so. In fact, if you sit back and reflect upon the incidents in your life, you will get a very clear proof of the divine working through you and these incidents would have left a deep and profound and definite impact on your thought processes and in your life. Wouldn’t you now agree to the fact that nothing in this world happens as an accident.

We all find that we meet someone, read about a fact or are directed to do something… It all begins to make sense as the mystery unfolds and it leaves a lasting impact on us and changes our world for the better.

All it requires is that we just surrender to the commands of our higher self. It knows better.

The universe is ever growing, ever expanding. And there is an intelligence, ‘an absolute power’ that is making this happen. Matter is getting created but there is a force that is actively dissolving it too. There is a subtle control through the existence of black holes where everything gross and subtle is sucked in and consumed. Nothing probably exists after this; but something remarkably does get created again.

Our body is functioning in just the same way. We are also totally fluid in nature. Like the universe has a hard outer body consisting of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and black holes, we have the same happening within us.

Like the universe we are solid, but are totally connected to the fluidity within us, in fact, we are totally controlled by the fluidity within us. We manifest it, control it, direct it and ascend over it by leaving it behind into a zone that helped plan this intelligence within us, we call it God, the Brahman.

Nadi in Sanskrit if flow. A “Nadi Pariksha” when conducted studies the flow of anything and everything within you (or should do so) It is a complete and comprehensive study in the Siddha system of Nadi Pariksha which I practice. With amazing clarity, it provides an understanding of the “Fluid Dynamics” within the human body and the very intelligence that is controlling it.

Through the diagnosis from the Nadi Pariksha, “YOU” (as in your body, mind, thoughts, perceptions, emotions, actions etc,.) can can get to know absolutely what is happening within your body, the cause of this change which took place, the reasons for these changes and the ways to resolve them.

Thus, you can be effectively directed to steer back to your “Original Path of existence” in this world. Your journey is fruitfully resolved by giving it a very dignified and meaningful completion.

Let us look at what are all “Flowing and Fluid” within “YOU”;


THE CONSCIOUSNESS – This intelligence fundamentally responsible for your very existence. This controls your master plan – From Birth to death.

THE MIND – It is an established fact that the Mind uses the body to express itself. Therefore, one of the most obvious routes to diagnose the cause of ailments and diseases through Nadi Pariksha is tapping this enormous database of your mind. To understand the expression of your level of consciousness and the effected emotions which are a key to understanding ailments effectively, your search for the right answers can surely begin here.


The extraordinary power of Nadi Pariksha as a diagnostic method is that it can go into the depths of your mind to understand and determine the 3 states of actively expressed consciousness. Depending on the nature and intensity of your perception and thinking, and with the influence of past impressions (samskaras), the mind is active in either of the below mentioned levels of expressed consciousness;

Rajas and

In a “Saatvic” state of mental activity, you will feel calm, happy, empathetic, forgiving. Thus, you will be emotionally balanced. You will experience a sense of fulfilment and contentment and all your activities will be performed based on rational thinking.

As a result such harmonious expressions in your mind, Nadi Pariksha will reveal the effects in the bio-rhythms. The resultant expressions in the body will be that the flow of digestive juices will be uniform, hunger will be expressed well and a you will eat your meal in harmony. Food will be relished and the digestion and excretion will happen normally.

In a “Rajasic” state, you will feel overly excited, agitated, irritated and harbour a selfish intent. You can be always looking for ways and means to acquire more. You will find yourself to be mentally restless.

As a result of such agitations in your mind, Nadi Pariksha, will reveal the flow of digestive juices to be agitated. Your hunger will be erratic. You can indulge in emotional eating. Large portions of meal will be consumed and in a hurry and also at frequent intervals. Emotional highs will abound and as sense of unhealthy competition will be around you.

In a “Tamasic” state, you will harbour a feeling of hatred, malice, excessive greed and lust and enmity.

As a result of such expressions in your mind, Nadi Pariksha will reveal that the digestive juices are totally controlled by your emotions. The expression of hunger will be at times very excessive and at times, very poor. You will have very poor health with circulatory disorders.

THE SENSES – The ‘Sensors’ of the mind that feed information of the subtle changes as perceived from outside and from within. Each of these sense receptors have both a gross receptor to study, understand and interpret about the world outside as well as a subtle receptor, “A Twin” to experience the effects of this change within you.

An example will help you understand it better – Your ear has heard music but you are actively hearing it in your mind much later. Another example is where you’ve had a favourite food of yours and your mouth waters much later during the day when you are actively engaged in appreciating its taste mentally and so on.

YOUR PERCEPTIONS – These are mechanisms to interpret the information happening outside your microcosm, your mind-body mechanism, and connect them as information to help you plan your travel.

YOUR FEELINGS – These are subtle agents that ‘Analyse’ the interpretations of your perceptions and becomes and active interface between your perceptions and feelings. This can decide whether you will be rational or irrational in your emotional expressions.

YOUR EMOTIONS – These are conveyors of the change in your consciousness within you after the mind has been given the related information of the way you feel. This helps in deciding your flexibility and your ability to adjust to various circumstances.

YOUR ACTIONS – The final outcome of the subtle mechanism that decidedly sets body in motion in a certain direction to finally express your intent.


The role of Nadi Pariksha is paramount and absolutely crucial in determining the changes in your bio-rhythms. They are primarily responsible for the change in the subtle balance of the three humors in your body namely VAYU, PITTA and KAPHA. These subtle changes affect them and they go into a state of imbalance.

A). VAYU is an aspect of Prana and this gets expressed in 5 different ways, controlling different functions in the body through the 5 pranas namely;

PRANA – Prana controls the activity of breathing, swallowing, mental activity and sensory perceptions, insomnia and its cause, type of migraine and its cause, types of dreams and the interpretation, excess chattering of the brain etc.

II. APANA – Apana controls the downward movement of food consumed by you. Functioning of your bladder, rectum, menstruation, ovulation, the quality and functioning of your reproductive organs are all indications of a proper functioning or otherwise of Apana Vayu.

Early warnings of the reasons for the of lack of libido, impotency, lower backache, sciatica, pre menstrual pain and its associated symptoms are given much in advance as a dysfunction of Apana vayu. When diagnosed properly through Nadi Pariksha, these problems can be effectively cured. Apana also is responsible for the complete or incomplete elimination of toxins.

III. UDANA – Udana controls the functioning of your memory. Memory retention, your communication and expression, your motivation and the will power required to take decisions and act, upward movement of food, complexion of the skin, output of energy etc are indications of the functioning of Udana Vayu which can be easily studied through Nadi Pariksha.

IV. SAMANA – Samana controls enzyme production in your stomach and small intestine. The quality of assimilation of food, digestive disorders, the effect of thoughts and impression on your body and the equilibrium of the body are indications of a proper functioning of Samana Vayu… and

V. VYANA – Vyana controls the effective internal circulation of oxygen, blood and nutrients in your body. General movement of your body (extension and contraction, movement of joints, reflexes), spasms, nervous disorders, the working of your sweat glands etc are indications of an Apana dysfunction.

B). PITTA gets expressed in 5 different ways, controlling different functions in the body through;

I. PACHAKA PITTA – Pachaka pitta controls and is responsible for the maintenance of your digestive fire through the action of the pancreas, liver and other intestinal secretions. Presence or the onset of Jaundice and/or other liver infections/diseases are a cause of a dysfunction of Pachaka pitta.

II. RANJAKA PITTA – Ranjaka pitta controls and regulates your blood chemistry. The quality of functioning of your stomach and spleen to digest food, colour and health of skin, and your energy levels are all indications of a Ranjaka pitta functioning. Anemia, levels of fat and cholesterol in your blood, early warning of the onset of circulatory disorders can be effectively diagnosed through Nadi Pariksha.

III. BHRAJAKA PITTA – Bhrajaka pitta controls health of your skin, lustre. Ageing of your skin, skin infections can be addressed very effectively by studying Bhrajaka pitta dysfunction through Nadi Pariksha. Skin ailments and its cause like pigmentation, early warning of the onset of skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer etc are all indications of a Bhrajaka pitta disorder.

IV. SADHAKA PITTA – Sadhaka pitta controls the effective functioning of your brain with respect to the processing of your feelings and emotions. Efficient transformation of information into knowledge and intelligence and your self esteem are indications of Sadhaka pitta working well. Attention deficit, Unresolved emotions, lack of understanding, comprehension and expressions are results of a Sadhaka pitta disorder that Nadi Pariksha can diagnose very effectively. Effective treatments are there to restore these dysfunctions.

V. ALOCHAKA PITTA – Alochaka pitta is responsible for the health of your eyes, the effective assimilation of information through the eyes (optical perception), the effectiveness of the retina etc, visual problems etc.

C). KAPHA gets expressed in 5 different ways, controlling different functions in the body through;

KHLEDAKA KAPHA – Khledaka kapha is responsible for the initial stage of your digestion like proper moistening of food, the property mixture and balance/imbalance of alkaline and acidic secretions. The health of the walls of your upper and middle abdomen are controlled by Khledaka kapha.

Presence of diabetes and the type of diabetes (there are 21 types), onset of diabetes and when with the cause can be easily determined through Nadi Pariksha. 17 of these types of Diabetes are curable.

II. AVALAMBAKA KAPHA – Avalambaka Kapha controls the health of the fluid in your lungs. The health of your lungs, ailments/diseases or any pericardial condition, and your emotional state are all regulated by Avalambaka kapha. Early warning of the onset of heart ailments, and also the current condition of the heart can be very easily diagnosed through Nadi Pariksha and cured successfully.

III. BODHAKA KAPHA – Bodhaka kapha controls the moistening in the inside of your mouth. Protection from hot and pungent foods, the extent of salvation, your sense of taste, the health of your gums and teeth etc. are functions of Bodhaka kapha. Mouth Ulcers, smelly mouths, the colour on your tongue, bleeding gums etc are indications of Bodhaka kapha and Khledaka kapha disorders. Nadi Pariksha can the onset of these ailments much in advance and prevent them from manifesting.

IV. TARPAKA KAPHA – Tarpaka kapha is responsible for the effectiveness of your sensory and cognitive faculties. The ability to store information is controlled by Tarpaka kapha. The coordination between your sensory and motor organs, presence of past life memories, the reason and extent of mental fatigue, indication of impending stroke/paralysis, and the reasons for memory loss are all indications of a dysfunctional Tarpaka Kapha. Nadi Pariksha can diagnose the onset of any of these disorders and suggest corrective measures. Effective treatments are also possible.

V. SHLESHMAKA KAPHA – Shleshmaka kapha controls the health of your joints. Proper lubrication of your joints and their efficient functioning are indications of Shleshmaka kapha working well. Joint pains, stiffness in your joints and all kinds of arthritic ailments can be diagnosed much in advance and haled completely.


The “Gross Plan” has the following fluid dynamics totally in relation to the subtle plan. The same is enumerated below.

THE FLOW OF ENERGY – This is where the subtle plan enters and influences your gross body. As you feel, so is the energy you manifest within you. When you are happy, you feel more energetic, when you are sad, you feel less energetic, when you are angry, your energy becomes erratic and goes out of control and so on and so forth.

THE FLOW OF AIR – Your breathe is totally related to your thought flow, the energy I was just referring to. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are energies flowing at varied frequencies. These control your breathing; the amount of breathe that is required to allow these energies to manifest in your gross body to bring meaningful changes. It’s all a “Mind over Matter” game.

THE FLOW OF HUNGER – This is directly in sync with the kind of energy that is being transferred from the gross to the subtle. Lets look at examples here to understand it better;
a. Your hunger for food is maximum when you are upset, angry, agitated etc. This consumes maximum energy. You are forced into emotional eating.
b. Your hunger for food is moderate and controlled when you are happy.
c. Your hunger for food is very low when you are deep in thought
d. Your hunger for food is even lower when you are depressed.
e. Your hunger is absent when you are either sleeping or meditating, or in absolute peace within yourself.

“The meaning of the last sentence is that you are one in tune with the macrocosm, your consciousness. When you are in sync with it, the food becomes the very intelligent energy that drives you. This is the energy that is responsible for your very creation, your sustenance, your survival and your ascent in the end towards the source of all our creation”.


This indicates the effects by the subtler energy patterns like Thoughts, perceptions, feelings, emotions etc on the formation of nutrition or toxins while consuming food.

It is strongly recommended here that external energies should not interfere with your eating process like TV, Mobile phones, Talking, working simultaneously etc. These external influencers play havoc while the harmonious energies within your body are interacting with each other in deciding how much of food is “Optimally required” and the amount of enzymes actively required to digest it.

When you begin to indulge in active sense pleasures, you disturb this subtle energy flow that is intelligently controlling the enzyme flow within you; Your mind is also agitated and you either end up eating more or very less. The flow of enzymes is either too much or too less and your concentration on the activity called ‘eating’ is absent.

This whole process of ‘food consumption and digestion’ decides the formation of the nutritive component called “Rasa” in Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. Rasa determines “your” health; of mind, body, organs, emotions, and your total well being.

5. THE FLOW OF BLOOD – As is “Rasa” so is “Rakta”, the blood. The combination of the Liver, The Small intestine, The Spleen and the Pancreas decide the quality of the conversion of ‘Rasa’ into ‘Rakta’ or blood that is produced and its quality.

Sugar metabolism then works on the amount of energy to be released for you through the metabolising of fat and its conversion to energy by breaking down the sugar.

6. THE FLOW OF WASTE – After the whole metabolic process is complete, the waste is generated and its formation and flow is decided totally on your conscious or unconscious activities. Lets look deeper here.

a. When you eat well, with no haste, when you have chewed your food properly, your body absorbs all the nutrition and finally eliminates the roughage that is not required. The process of the formation of chyme in the stomach, the digestion in the small intestine through the active flow of bile, hydrochloric acid, the pancreatic juices as well as other enzymes like saliva decide the amount of nutrition that is to be extracted out of the food you consumed.
b. When you do not concentrate on your eating, this whole process is destabilised and the output is as follows;

Less Energy to digest as a result of the earlier similar process, as a force of habit
Less Nutrition
Less energy output
Less blood output
Less circulation

To add on to the misery, this is also happening;

More toxins
More fat
More blockages in your body where energy and blood cannot flow
More ailments
More diseases


We have also heard of black holes but could never see them. These are the mysterious zones in space where nothing exists. No life exists here. The black hole changes the universe’s growth patterns and brings some kind of a change in the evolution and growth of the universe.

It is also so symbiotic to the universal plan that it’s existence is not hampering the universe but is assisting it’s plan in some unknown way.

“You have a black hole within you too”. This empty space is created because of the lack of nutrition to the tissues. When tissues are clogged with toxins and do not possess sufficient heat within themselves to reproduce (like the stars in the universe), they die and leave an empty space. This empty space is called “Khavaigunya” or the mysterious space in Ayurveda.

This mysterious space is responsible for the growth of new matter. Here, unfortunately new matter is where the growth of toxins takes place. This “Khavaigunya” or mysterious space is responsible for the growth of anti matter that causes diseases. Even Cancer is one such disease.


Nadi or “Flow” understands this whole “Fluid Dynamics” in the “Body and Mind” by revealing the following;

It reveals your cosmic plan, your very ‘Original Plan” – YOUR PRAKRUTI. The Prakruti gives an understanding of the reason for your existence in this world.

The VIKRUTI – YOUR VIKRUTI gives the very reasons why the changes, the deviations have happened within you as compared to the Prakruti, your “Original Plan”.

YOUR MENTAL STATE AND EMOTIONAL STATES – It understands the predominant flow of your thought process, your perceptions, your emotions, your psyche and the reasons why you decide to interact in a certain way.

The DOSHAS – These are Subtle psycho-physiological energies that get affected by these mental and psychological energy patterns and also because of pathological disturbances. These are VATA (The propelling force that are responsible for growth and change within you, PITTA (The energy for transformation and metabolic activity) and KAPHA (The energy responsible for providing form, stability, sustenance and continuation.

THE DHATUS – The formation of various tissues in your body ie.

(i) RASA – Indicates the healthy formation of plasma, the lymphatic system, health of blood vessels and mucous membranes in the body, aches and pains in the body and its cause.

(ii) RAKTA – Reveals the amount of haemoglobin in the blood, the extent of oxygenation in the blood and health of the circulatory system, liver and spleen disorders etc.

(iii) MAMSA – Shows the health of muscles and ligaments, the healthy working of the nostrils, muscular strength or weakness, muscle tumors, cramps etc.

(iv) MEDA – reveals the health of the adipose system, the type of diabetes and its onset with the cause, lethargy, obesity and its cause, underactive thyroid (hypothyroid condition) and it’s cause, breathlessness, fatty tumors, early warnings of the onset of breast tumors and cancer.

(v) ASTHI – reveals the health of the bones, hair and nails, hairfall and its cause, types of arthritic conditions and its cause, platelet count, calcification etc.

(vi) MAJJA – MAJJHA DHATU – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of the nervous system, sluggishness of the mind and body, early warning of the onset or the cause of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, attention deficit disorders, etc.

(Vii) SHUKRA – reveals the health of the reproductive tissue, causes of impotency and infertility, sexual health, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, inability to have orgasm and its cause, ovarian cyst and its cause, low libido, enlargement of prostate gland and its cause, etc.

e. Each process or flow that is happening within you is linked with the next.

f. There is another parallel flow that is taking place as a result of the formation of these tissues within you. The formation of these tissues release waste matter. These are;

(i) Formation of “Rasa” leads to the production of “Phlegm” or mucous.
(ii). Formation of “Rakta” leads to the production of “Bile”.
(iii) Formation of “Mamsa” leads to the production of waste in the “Ear, Eyes, Mouth, Nose and Roots of Hair”
(iv) Formation of Meda” leads to the production of “Sweat”
(v) Formation of “Asthi” leads to the formation of “Head and body Hair and Nails”
(vi) Formation of “Majja” leads to the formation of “Oily substance in Eyes, Skin and Faeces”
(vii) Formation of “Shukra” leads to no waste formation.

Also, at three level of the CHAKRAS, Nadi Pariksha reveals the healthy working of the chakras, the kinds of vibrations they carry and its cause, the unresolved impressions within these chakras resulting in the physical ailments associated with these chakras.


Reading the pulse is actually connecting the dots. There are a billion combinations out of which right mapping needs to be done. Understanding the Prakruti (the constitution at birth) and its subtler doshic characteristics vs the Vikruti (the altered state of constitution) with its subtle doshic imbalances is extremely important. This forms the foundation of the whole analysis.

Pathological understanding to arrive at the right conclusion of the prognosis of the ailment happens on this basis as also other very crucial parameters as mentioned in this article earlier. This requires absolute and total subtlety of mind and a fully opened super-conscious state. This is not difficult and can be attained by dedicated practice through actively attuning the mind to a meditative state as often as one prefers and practices. You can now see that Nadi Pariksha understand each and every intricate flow. Nadi Pariksha is a thorough understanding of “Fluid Dynamics” within our body.

Nothing can escape its diagnosis. Nothing remains unexpressed. Even the cause of the mysterious space is also revealed and resolved through its findings.

Through Nadi Pariksha, a person can be very successfully put back onto the “Original plan” and reason for your existence in this world. It helps to show you a “Definite path” to connect you back with your consciousness.

This is the only way Ayurveda and Siddha medicine can successfully achieve their desired results.


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