WHAT IS NADI PARIKSHA (Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis)

Ayurveda Humors
Ayurveda Humors

***(Once you have read this article, please also do read my other article about “NADI PARIKSHA – THE STUDY OF THE ‘MACROCOSM’ WITHIN THE ‘MICROCOSM’ – UNDERSTANDING FLUID DYNAMICS WITHIN OUR BODY.

This equally in- depth and is more profound).

This is the most powerful Diagnostic Tool for understanding the cause of any Ailment or Disease in the Human body. It is a part of our Vedic lineage and is passed on from Guru to the disciple depending on the spiritual evolution of the disciple.


In the normal course of our visit to a doctor, we specify the ailments we feel we are suffering from. Based on this preliminary information, the doctor checks us up and if necessary, recommends us to undergo further tests to collaborate his understanding with what we have told him. He thus forms an understanding of the symptoms.

On the contrary, during the Nadi Pariksha, a person need not have to specify his/her problems in advance. The Nadi Vidwan is not supposed to know the details in advance as he should not get influenced by the patient’s symptoms. Though the symptoms reveal the disease process, it is the cause of the prevailing or persisting symptoms that are more important. Each cell in our body possesses its own intelligence. It is the communication of this intelligence in the form of vibrations that is studied in Nadi Pariksha. Nadi Pariksha understands the vibratory frequency of the Pulse at various levels on the Radial artery.

Subtle vibrations are read at seven different levels vertically downward that help in ascertaining various functions in the body.The pulse, when examined, reveals both physical & mental characteristics of the pulse. This is interpreted in the form of symptoms along with their prognosis which helps in understanding the cause. Thus, Nadi Pariksha forms the basis for addressing any ailment in an individual.


The accuracy of the pulse reading depends on the intuitive awareness of the individual and also the ability to understand and interpret the subtlety of vibrations. This sensitive awareness determines the success of Nadi Pariksha.

The 5 elements or the “Panchamahabhutas” are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The 3 doshas or humors of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha come as a combination of these 5 elements.

Ether + Air = Vata (Mobility)

Fire +Water = Pitta (Heat)

Water + Earth = Kapha (Viscosity)

Any imbalance in the doshas will bring forth an ailment that will subsequently lead to a disease process. Each of these doshas have their Physical, Mental, Emotional and Physiological characteristics.


The details of what all are revealed is mentioned below:

  1. Every aspect of the human organism, the Body, Mind etc. is understood during the Pulse Diagnosis.
  2. Apart from understanding the Cause of the current ailments, the Diagnosis tracks the disease back to its origin. Even subtler levels of causal factors like emotional issues or specific thought patterns of the individual, that manifest into physical ailments subsequently are understood.

Nadi Pariksha is undertaken to understand the following aspects in an individual:

  1. Helps to ascertain “One’s Original Constitution at the time of Conception” (Prakruti). This forms the basis of deciding the basis and structure of the individualized Healing process.
  2. Helps to understand “One’s Current Constitution as against the Original Constitution” (Vikruti). The diagnosis ascertains the deviation that the body and mind have taken as compared to its original constitution. Also, it enables one to understand the prognosis of ailments that have arisen during this transition from Prakruti to Vikruti.
  3. Nadi Pariksha successfully tracks down the altered state of the mind. This is very important as the science of Ayurveda believes that a major part of human ailments are psychosomatic in nature. This is so because the only way the Mind can express itself is through the body. Therefore, the body works to a very large extent according to the dictates of the mind.
  4. The analysis at the Doshas, the subtle entities of the psycho – physiological body. Any alteration in the Doshas can lead to understanding of the disease process. The doshas like Vata, Pitta & Kapha and their sub units help in understanding:
    • The movement of energies and the working of the nervous system, circulation as defined by the pulsation of the heart, and the movement of nutrition to various tissues in the body.
    • The metabolic process and the process of bio-transformation in the body, which governs the activities of Digestion, Absorption & Assimilation of Nutrition.
    • The assimilating and binding functions through the help of bodily fluids, which includes the Proper and Healthy formation of Muscles, Bones, Ligaments and Tendons etc.
  5. The study of the health of various types of tissues in the body like Plasma, Blood, Muscle, Marrow, Bone, Nerve and reproduction.
  6. The health of the Chakras or the subtle energy wheels in the body that corresponds to the glands in the physical body is ascertained. Chakras relate to and control certain physiological processes in the body.

Subsequent to doing the Nadi Pariksha, other forms of examination are taken up. This is done to cross examine the correctness of the Pulse Diagnosis. These various methods are highlighted as under:

  1. NAILS – The shape and size of nails reveals the type of constitution a person belongs to. For example, smallsize nails with serrated edges (basically bitten by a person due to anxiety or nervousness signifies a Vata nail.  Pitta nails are slightly larger in size with a slight curvature in the middle that resembles a semi “D” shape.  These nails when pressed at the top will reveal a slight yellow tinge in the center. A Kapha nail is usually large in size.  These nails normally will be whitish in colour. The surface of the nail is usually large.

Indications: Vata nails  have vertical lines that look like deep serrations or ridges. Pitta nails, apart from having vertical ridges (not always necessary) can also have reddish lines along these ridges starting from the bottom of the nail running towards the top. Kapha nails may have a larger curvature in the center owing to the larger surface area.

  1. TONGUE – The tongue reveals all the organs of the body and particularly reveals the aspects of Digestion and Assimilation of food. It reveals the kind of digestive disorders and which of the 3 doshas were responsible or are in a state of imbalance. the type of ailment is also revealed.

Indications : Vata when aggravated shows a cracked and rough tongue. Pitta when aggravated shows a reddish tongue and Kapha when aggravated shows a whitish slimy mucus coatin on the tongue. The tongue also reveals the physiological problems present in other parts of the body but this is a very lenghty subject and cannot be discussed in detail here.

2.  EYES – The shape of the eyes reveal the nature of the person’s original constitution. Also on examination, the eyes reveal what is the nature of the ailment and the doshas responsible for it.

Indications : A person suferin from a Vata disorder will have a brownish colouration in the eyes. There will be dryness felt in the eyes too. A Pitta condition will reveal redness of yellowish colouring in the eyes. A kapha condition will show denseness or cloudy vision along with whitish marks in the eyes.

3.  SPEECH – The strength of the voice and the intonations while talking reveals the predominant dosha present in the person at the time of examination. Also, which talking, gesticulations or emphasis during communication shows the predominant dosha at the time of analysis. This also reveals the nature of symptoms present in the body and the cause.

Indications: A Vata person will talk fast and will change subjects without relevance or context. Breathing will be erratic and gesticulations will be predominant. A Pitta person will speak in a loud, strong tone which will display dominance which can be easily mistaken for arrogance. The conviction in the speech will be evident. A Kapha person will be mild, soft and musical in his speech. He will slow in his expressions and will not rush in his conversation.

4. SKIN – The feel and texture of the skin reveals the kind of dosha present. The temperature of skin reveals the presence of either Vata, Pitta and Kapha in circulation. The pigmentation on the skin reveals the kind of toxins in the blood.

Indications: A Vata skin is dry with scales or flaking. It will be cold to the touch. It can also have a darkish colouration. A Pitta person will have an oily skin, with possible inflammation under the skin which will be denoted by redish patches. It will be hot to the touch. Normally a pitta person will have a skin which will be hot to the touch. A Kapha person will have a cold and damp feeling to touch. It is either milkishly white or pale.

5.  URINE – The colour, nature, frequency and the content in the urine determines the nature of ailment in the body. The frequency and the volume of urination reveals the intensity of ailment.

Indications: A Vata person will experience scanty urination or infrequent urination. The quantity of urine will also vary. The urgency to urinate will not justify the quantity of urine coming out. The urine will be astringent in smell. A Pitta person will have hot urine coming out and in a better volume. Normally, when the Pitta dosha is aggravated, frequent, irritant urination will persist. Urine will either be Dark yellow to yellow to reddish in colour. The urine will have a strong and pungent smell. A Kapha person will have a large volume of urination. The colour of urine will be whitish and can be frothy.

6.  STOOLS – The formation and colour of stool shows the nature of ailment. Also, the number of evacuations or lack of evacuation like constipation for example provides the information of both the emotional levels of the individual as well as the working of the physiological of the body. Even the smell in the breathe when a person is talking reveals the kind of toxins present in the large intestine and the predominant dosha imbalance which has caused these toxins to manifest.

Indications: A Vata person will have varying stool formation. He will experience lots of gas and distention in the abdomen. Normally, stools will be hard and the person will feel constipated. The colour of the stools will vary between dark brown to black. The stools will normally float. A pitta person will have well formed stools to loose stools. The colour of the stools will vary from brown to light brown. Especially when the pitta dosha is aggravated, the stools colour will be yellowish in colour and can vary between semi formed to loose stools. He can also experience burning in his rectum while passing stools. Occasional mucus formation will also be present. A Kapha person will have large volume in his stools. There will be mucus present in stools. The colour of stools will be between brown to yellow.


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  • Raju Majithia
    Posted March 15, 2009 8:11 pm 0Likes

    Hi Ravi,

    Read your blog very interesting and informative. Wish you all the best.


    • Ravishankar
      Posted March 16, 2009 3:37 pm 0Likes

      Thanks for your good wishes.

  • Bela
    Posted March 24, 2009 4:28 pm 0Likes

    Hi Ravi
    Your blog is very interesting…its is really informative…anyone interested in taking care of their health will defi benefit from all your articles…all ure articles are precise yet comprehensive…After being successfully cured by u all I can say is that u cure an ailment from its root and forever…I can now understand all the aspects of health that u have tried to explain in the articles….I will recommend this blog to everyone who wants to remain healthy lifelong…

    All the very best to u…

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted March 24, 2009 5:14 pm 0Likes

      Thank you for your the very valuable comment and for taking the initiative for wanting to recommending to all you know. God Bless You!

  • Dafscolla
    Posted April 14, 2009 12:31 am 0Likes
  • S.P.Haran
    Posted December 2, 2009 4:27 pm 0Likes

    very intereting.Wish u all the best for enlightening us. Is there anybody in Bangalore to teach nadi pariksha. Pl help me in finding out one. Hrarn

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted December 3, 2009 9:06 am 0Likes

      Hello Mr.Haran,

      Nadi Pariksha is a science that is passed on from the Guru to the disciple. One needs to be initiated in this science and practice. Being the most powerful and genuine diagnostic tool, this science is purely based on the intuitive awarenss that allows one to interpret the vibrations on the pulse.

      It is not only the physiological aspects that are studied in this practice but the karmic influences, past life vibratory patterns and also most importantly, our own thought patterns that allow us to conform to a particular vibratory frequency that are studied.

      You may kindly contact me on my mobile number on 9448370066. In case I find you to be a person who has the capacity to intuitively feel, understand and interpret these aspects, I’ll be glad to proceed on this subject.

      • Kannan
        Posted April 13, 2016 10:07 am 0Likes

        Karmic influence of the past? That’s intriguing. You can tell that from the pulse?

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted April 14, 2016 11:03 pm 0Likes

          Yes! Of course!

  • keerti
    Posted February 21, 2010 6:22 am 0Likes

    hello,can a person himself/herself conduct nadipariksha or a specialised is required? how we can find if a person is vata, pitta, kapha.

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted February 24, 2010 9:31 am 0Likes

      Hello Keerti,

      A person needs to have a very keen sense o observation, a high level of concentration and of course, the intuitive awareness of understanding and reading the feeling of the pulse.

      There are at least a billion combinations to be considered one can arrive at the right diagnosis. This of course experience. So specializing in this field and a consistent and dedicated practice is definitely called for.

      To understand if a person is Vata, Pitta of Kapha, a pewrson needs to place the tip of the 3 fingers (the Index, Middle and Ring fingers) on the radial artery (the place where the pulse is usually felt. The place is along the continuation along the side of the thumb going downward. When you continue down the wrist, just after the wrist bone ends, you will see a natural depression (ie,. in comparison to the slightly elevated surface when you apply a slight pressure vertically downward). This is the Vata point felt by the index finger. The Pitta point is felt by the middle finger and the Kapha point is felt by the ring finger.

      For males, these points are felt in the right hand while in females, it is felt in the left hand.

  • ravi
    Posted July 21, 2010 4:24 am 0Likes

    good i appreciat it.

  • dr satish
    Posted January 25, 2011 12:51 pm 0Likes

    Good evening sir can u suggest a books which discloses secrets of nadi pariksha ?

  • Vikas Shett
    Posted April 23, 2011 11:44 am 0Likes

    Dear Sir,

    I read your article on Nadi Parikshan. I am software engineer and have interest in Ayurveda since 15 years.I would like to learn Nadi Parikshan from an expert like you.I want to use technology to capture the pulse and diagnose it.’
    Can you guide me in any way?

    Vikas Shett

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted May 30, 2011 9:36 am 0Likes

      Dear Vikas,

      I’m glad to know that you are interested. in fact, I have started to teach Nadi Pariksha. There is a lot off disciplinary practice involved along with sensitizing the body-mind complex to allow the intutive ability in a person to capture the beats in the pulse. If you are interested, you may write to me for a detailed discussion on the above subject.

      For your information, I was invited by IIT-Delhi who had prepard a similar project on trying to capture the beats of the pulse. After detailed discussions with them and after having given a couple of demonstrations, the project was scrapped.

  • RadheSham Gulati
    Posted June 21, 2011 8:58 pm 0Likes

    Respected Sir,
    My name is Radhesham Gulati age 45 years due to obesity (130 kg.) since 1984 and swelling from last ten months approx I am very much disturb from above said diseases. My all test (Lipid Profile, LFT, KFT, Ultra Sound, ECG, Thyroid, Sugar, Blood Preasure are normal) but heart size border line increase please help me out.
    Thanks and Regards
    RadheSham Gulati

  • Vikrant
    Posted August 20, 2011 6:02 pm 0Likes

    im havey addicted of snifing correction fluid i started in 2002 and im trying to leave this from last 8 years. i have done everything means everything but it is now impossible to leave this so plz help me how can i quit, i tried manny drug addiction centers, psycharitist and nerologists… but all failed. im very apset on the way of lifes end. my age is 28 years old, im feeling manny complicated things in my mind-brain. i sleep very late night means in the early morning & wakeup 3-4 pm. i use to daily more then 10 bottels of dullter-fluid ink. plz help me im dieing, i don’t have ne job and buisness becoz of these thing im suffring. itz became very horrible now. what i do im helpless want to die. its criyocity is very cruel very bad always show that im too week i have 0 will power i can’t control my self and now itz too late9-10 years back i started oh! what i do

    In your set of knowledge is there any kind of substance or an electric device that through which any person with the power of his brain or internal eyes or ears can see, listen to or feel some sort of unusual things..as if his imaginations get visualised ..as if he starts dreaming when awake and he starts feeling of what actually does not exist .. with no television or radio just through his body he gets to see or listen to certain things as if during night after sleeping a human can see and hear things with closed eyes ..as if all this gets activated during day when he’s awake !! if its true like shown in the programs like ‘raaz pichle janam ka’(past life rogation) what people see and feel , is it true.? Or things like inhalants(fluid, petrol etc.) do such things also mesmerize the person in the same way..do you have any such things in your set of knowledge..?

  • Ravi Shanker Balla
    Posted November 10, 2011 9:05 am 0Likes

    That’s an awesome descriptions . .thanks for writing and sharing this knowledge.

  • dr seema syed
    Posted November 24, 2011 4:32 am 0Likes

    Sir I m an Ayurvedic physician from delhi.I think Nadi pariksha should b incorporated in college corriculum. I also want to learn it

  • Roshan Baskota
    Posted January 6, 2012 11:18 am 0Likes

    nadi parikshyan is one of the great methods of diagnosis.

  • Dr.Vishal naheliya
    Posted January 6, 2012 12:44 pm 0Likes

    Hi Dr.ravi !
    You have described naadi pariksha very well all the material about doshic and mahabhoutic concept is good
    Nice and informative blog , thanx

  • meet roy
    Posted January 17, 2012 12:55 pm 0Likes

    from my childhood i have been into habit of masturbation(as i had no idea about it)… as i grew up i have been facing lot of serious problems .. i had to use the bathroom every time i have a meal , i have acne all over my body…. i have been suffering for almost 8 yrs. i am in great pain .. i know that the god is punishing me but sometimes i just feel very depressed …. i have tried various doctors but it was of no relief …
    can anyone suggest me a good ayurvedic doctor which reads through nadi in delhi. it would be a great favour. i have lost all hope.

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted January 22, 2012 2:59 pm 0Likes

      Dear Roy (I guess that’s your name),

      The act of sex is the most primitive of man’s instincts. But when it takes the form of lust (not to be read as perversion), one takes to acts such as Masturbation. Please do not feel guilty. The reason is that a person who masturbates comes into the same bracket as the one who smokes, drinks or one who indulges in emotional eating and such other vices.

      Masturbation happens as a result of a deep seated craving, an unfulfilled desire that is not getting addressed. When the release happens, a person feels relaxed with a sense of temporary fulfillment. but the after effects are a feeling of being wasted, Low energy levels, Backaches, Feeling gassy, Bloatedness, Lack of Appetite, Dry skin, Pimples, Running nose, Cough and colds, Allergic colds, Skin lacking lustre, Joint pains and tightness, Dark circles under the skin, Bad posture (one who assumes a stoop), Low libido, Hair Fall, a deeper sexual urge that makes a person feel guilty (as one starts to rely on sex and sexuality all the time), Irritable bowels, Constipation, Emotional lows, Feeling like crying, High sense of guilt etc…

      It is important for you to understand here that Masturbation is spending stored up energy in the body. the semen (called as Shukra Dhatu in Ayurveda) is the one which enables us to sustain our immunity levels in the body. Ojas (a fluid that is present in the semen gives us the immunity and is responsible to store the energy for the same). As one masturbates, there is a heavy energy loss and as a consequence, one looses immunity in the body. It is quite important to understand what happens in the process…

      The pumping action of the penile muscle to release semen also activates and reverses the Apana Vayu (the downward moving force that is meant to help eliminate Urine, Stools, Semen, Menstrual fluids etc.). When the reversal happens, the energy travels up and occupies hollow spaces (mostly in the abdomen – in the area of the Large Intestine,in the joints etc.. As the energy moves upward, it also affects the movement of the diaphragm thereby causing one to experience shallow breathing. To gain strength and energy, one needs to breath fully and deeply. But with the diaphragm becoming stiff, one experiences shallow breathing thus resulting in low energy levels…

      (There is a science on Breathing itself which explains and demonstrates how to activate the fluid in the lungs and the pericardium (called Avalambaka Kapha) and substantially increase Prana leads to Sustained Energy Levels. As Masturbation itself involves an emotional low (in the science of Yoga emotions controls breathing.. a case in point here is thus; when you get angry, you realize that you are breathing deeply, when depressed, you realize you are sighing etc.).

      As one is constantly occupied in thought of sex, the Shukra Dhatu (or the reproductive fluid) is spread all over the body thereby corrupting all other 6 forms of tissues. Heat (Pitta) increases in the body along with increase in Vayu (the energy which governs movement).

      The act of Masturbation (not to be equated with an act of sex performed for procreation or for meaningful pleasure to preserve companionship) also destabilizes all the other 5 Vayus (The Samana Vayu Controlling Digestion,Assimilation and Absorption of food, The Udana Vayu controlling Thought, Intelligence and Expressions in the form of speech and internalized Conversations, Memory Retention and Recollection, the Apana Vayu controlling Elimination and the Vyana Vayu controlling Circulation of Blood and Nutrition, Blood Pressure, Movement of Joints, Reflexes, The Prana Vayu controlling Mental clarity, Sensory Perceptions and Breathing).

      When Apana Vayu gets reversed, the Ranjaka Pitta, or the strong potent mixture of the digestive fluids is sucked into the intestines, mainly the large intestine. The large intestine controls Skin and Hair and also elimination of gases. Skin becomes dry, Flaky, Acne prone, and discoloured. It can also at a later date lead to Psoriasis, Eczema (as a result of the prognosis of the ailment). When the large intestine gets agitated, it can lead to either Constipation or Irritable bowels.

      The spent semen is again generated in the body only after a period of 48 days. There are ways in Ayurveda where it can be generated quicker. There are ways of preventing the the destabilization of energies but this cannot happen to a habitual masturbator which clearly is a disease of the mind.

      To get over this problem, it is important to get to the root of the problem and this can be done through Nadi Pariksha. I visit Delhi and Mumbai often and help cure you of this imposing threat to you very spiritual existence. Do contact me on +91-9448370066 and we can work out the dates during my visit when I can see you.

  • Shady
    Posted April 29, 2012 3:12 am 0Likes

    Respected Dr,

    My wife and I were married since almost three years from now and up till date she didn’t get married. We sought multiple medical consultations where every doctor made a different diagnosis starting from: unexplained infertility, to endometriosis and lately Low reserve. We performed multiple treatment: ovulation inductions IUIs and three times IVF and all have failed. We are currently down to earth and lost all our hope. How can you help us to overcome this situation and gain back our happiness.


    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted April 30, 2012 5:03 pm 0Likes

      Like you have gone through a process of investigation, ayurveda has an extremely powerful tool called Nadi Pariksha (the details of which you can read on my blog. The Nadi Pariksha will give me an understanding of the cause.

      It is very important in this case that both of you go through this process to understand what the main problem is. Then the exact line of treatment can be ascertained.

      Kndly call me or write to me to understand more of this. Primarily I urge you to read about Nadi Pariksha and understand what you may getting into.

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted May 25, 2012 11:16 am 0Likes

      One of the main reasons why lack of fertilisation happens is because of the the inability to produce sperm and egg. This is called “Shukra dhatu”. kindly go through the article on Shukra Dhatu on my blog and see if you can identify with any of the findings that can be associated to your lifestyle. Do write back…

  • malik
    Posted July 8, 2012 5:34 pm 0Likes

    Can u refer someone in delhi who I can go to for Nadine parikshan

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted July 8, 2012 5:49 pm 0Likes


      i have no idea who is doing it there. you may have to please enquire.

  • Daddybegood
    Posted July 9, 2012 5:15 pm 0Likes

    Thanks for your prompt revert, Will do the needful!

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted November 4, 2012 7:30 pm 0Likes


  • Shan
    Posted August 20, 2012 7:07 pm 0Likes


    i stay in Bangalore i can contact you Please, if so how to contact you.

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted August 20, 2012 7:22 pm 0Likes

      Hello Shan! Please call me on +919448370066

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted November 3, 2012 7:25 pm 0Likes

      Hello Shan,

      My number is +91-9448370066. I am on tour of Mumbai now and will be reaching Bangalore in the 1st week of December.

  • Dr Parveen Sharma
    Posted March 22, 2013 10:11 pm 0Likes

    Hello sir, I am a ayurvedic physician. Iread your blog and i am amazed regarding your clarity of thoughts about nadi pariksha I thank u for writting such a good letter on nadi pariksha, but I would like to read more of it , so kindly guide me regarding ur more blog .

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted March 22, 2013 11:33 pm 0Likes

      Namaste Praveenji,

      Thank you for showing interest in my article. I do not own any other blog.

      How much can one understand Nadi Pariksha through articles. Nadi Pariksha is a very intuitive science that works from the depth of one’s consciousness. Who else can understand this more than you in the capacity of an Ayurvedic doctor.

      It takes at least a year and a half of constant efforts of controlling and stabilizing one’s emotions and practicing pratyahara to appreciate the power of this most power diagnostic tool. It takes at least 5 years to get a good hang of it.

      My blog gives a summary of these practices. If you are interested, you may please go through them. I am yet to impart this knowledge fully to anyone and without the completion of these practices, the knowledge remains incomplete. Opening up one’s consciousness fully is the most important qualification.

      I hope your query has been answered.

      • Sanjeeb
        Posted May 30, 2018 9:19 am 0Likes

        namaste sir, can anybody practice nadi parikhya….intrested to learn this practices and help poors. wonder why and how current medical science is not recommending it.

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted June 21, 2018 12:43 pm 0Likes

          Dear Sanjeeb! Nadi Pariksha is a diagnostic tool based on Ayurvedic principles. Unless you are well versed in them, Nadi Pariksha cannot be of any use to a layman. Hope your question is answered.

  • dr savinder
    Posted May 13, 2013 11:06 pm 0Likes

    Hello sir
    i am a physician from chandigarh. i would really love to learn nadi parikshan. From where can i learn it? Please help

    Dr. Savinder

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted June 14, 2013 9:07 pm 0Likes

      Dear Dr.Savinder,

      I am sorry for the late reply. I was attending to my ailing father for a long time. He passed away a fortnight back and could not attend to my blog queries.

      How do you propose to learn it? You are based out of Chandigarh. If there are a few interested Ayurvedic doctors, I can plan the teaching programme. Modalities of travel and schedules need to be worked out then.

      Learning Nadi Pariksha will happen over a period of time. There is no short cut. So, a time frame will have to worked out for this too. Kindly revert with your thoughts.

  • phani
    Posted June 22, 2013 6:00 pm 0Likes

    Dear sir,

    The diagnosis using Nadia pareeksha is amazing. I am an electronics engineer, motivated towards using the technology. I have seen in your blog that there was an attempt do it by IIT Delhi. Kindly let me know the reason for scrapping the project after your demonstrations. Do you think we cannot use technology for naadi pareeksha. Kindly let me know if naadi pareeksha is science or art.

    Thanks and regards,

    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted July 5, 2013 9:11 pm 0Likes

      Dear Phani,

      This is going to be too lengthy an explanation. Please call me if you are interested in taking this forward.

  • Kritesh
    Posted July 3, 2013 3:51 pm 0Likes

    Hello Sir,

    Can Nadi Parikshan treat chronic disease like “Multiple Sclerosis” ?


    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted July 5, 2013 9:09 pm 0Likes

      Hi Kritesh,

      Thanks for writing to me. !st of all, I need to ascertain if the said ailment is Multiple saclerosis and if so, at what stage it is in. I can understand these two aspects through Nadi Pariksha and then only I will be able to answer your question.

  • Neeraj Vyas
    Posted August 12, 2013 9:07 pm 0Likes

    how to cure Dhatu girna

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted September 8, 2013 1:31 pm 0Likes

      Do you mean to ask “Nocturnal emission”? Please clarify your question Vyasji.

  • Madhav
    Posted January 24, 2014 4:50 pm 0Likes

    Do you visit Pune ?

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted March 6, 2014 12:41 pm 0Likes

      Thank you for writing to me. I have patients in Pune but as the numbers are low, I prefer to see them in Mumbai where I visit every month. To know about my visit to Mumbai, please call me on my number +919483505000

  • nakul
    Posted June 17, 2014 5:35 pm 0Likes

    I have been suffering from stomach ailment (loose motion) for the past 10 years. None can diagnose my problem. I am totally shattered , can anyone tell about a good nadi Vaidya in delhi ncr
    may god bless you

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted June 17, 2014 5:37 pm 0Likes

      Dear Nakul! I will be in Delhi in the 2nd week of July. You can consult me there please call me on my mobile number +919483505000 to get moredetails.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted August 15, 2014 6:59 pm 0Likes

      Namaste Nakul! I’m truly sorry I cannot help you with the information as my stay inDelhi is always in a rush and I usually do not find time to interact with public on this topic. I wish you luck in your search for a good Nadi Vaidya. However, if you wish to get in touch with me, you may contact me on my mobile number or send me a whatsapp message on my number +919483505000. I’m right now in a deep jungle in the Himalyas, over 9000 feet, practicing my Kriya yoga. I’ve just come out to answer to my mails. Kindly leave a message and I’ll call you back.

  • Geeta Gawali
    Posted July 26, 2014 10:07 pm 0Likes

    Request to let me know your contact details..would want an appointment to meet you.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted July 27, 2014 5:45 pm 0Likes

      Namaste Geetaji!

      Thank you for writing to me. My mobile number is +919483505000.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted July 27, 2014 5:46 pm 0Likes

      Thank you for talking to me. You may either consult me in Bangalore between the 2nd to the 3rd on in Delhi between the 4 till the 7th. I’ll be in Mumbai from the 1st week of September for about 10 days.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted August 15, 2014 6:53 pm 0Likes

      Namaste! I’m in the Himalayas now doing my Kriya yoga sadhana. You may please leave a message on my mobile number +919483505000. As I’m at a height 9000 feet plus, in a deep jungle, signals are an issue. Kindly leave a message & I’ll call you. I’ve come to a place where I can signals to write to you.

  • shubham
    Posted August 19, 2014 2:51 am 0Likes

    hello sir.. i m 20 years old..
    suffering from pain…
    i had typhoid before 2 years ago. i was so active before 2 years ago.. but now i feel so lazy, pain in all over d body.. i dont feel hungry, i dont feel to do anything.. i lost my weight.. i think about my problem all d time.. and i feel burning sensatin in my stomach or fulnness of stomach alll d time.. 24 x7 i have this problem 🙁

    • shubham
      Posted August 19, 2014 2:52 am 0Likes

      and i am from dehradun

      • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
        Posted August 19, 2014 9:15 am 0Likes

        Can you come to Delhi or Bombay?

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted August 19, 2014 8:46 am 0Likes

      Hello Shubham,

      Thank you for writing for me. I need more details from you. You can write to me a detailed mail of all your symptoms. It is important for me to understand your problems in detail. Alternatively, you may get your Nadi Pariksha done, this is more desirable. You do not have to menbtion your symptoms here. The Nadi Pariksha will reveal the cause of your problems accurately and find the right solutions. If you would want to call me to discuss this for your benefit, please call me on +919483505000.

  • Hemant
    Posted December 27, 2014 5:55 pm 0Likes

    Our Family’s experience with Mr.Ravi Shankar is exceptional.Your clarity of the subject is worth a praise.How simply everything is explained,corrected and treated is a magical wand effect.Have great hope in your bringing bliss to people’s lives.Thanks

  • Pushparaj
    Posted January 24, 2015 4:32 am 0Likes

    My wife suffers from invites in one of the eye. She used to consult a nadi doctor earlier and it benefitt d her. Unfortunately doctor expired due to old age . Can help us identify good Ayurvedic eye specialist in and around bangalore?

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted March 19, 2015 6:26 am 0Likes

      The best Ayurvedic eye specialist and surgeon is available in Kerala. If you are interested, I can give you his number.

  • nalin
    Posted February 14, 2015 1:13 am 0Likes

    hello sir,
    sir i am a 21 year old boy and facing a problem of being skinny since 8 years and not able to diagnose the problem (W-62kg and H- 6f2inch . My tests are normal (thyroid, blood, testosterone, liver, heart, bones) and is not hereditary I have tried almost everything like eating more, gym, diet, etc but not to arrive at the problem. Earlier i use to think its a growing stage so let it go, but now its kind of worry to me and im really shattered. Recently i visited ayurveda doctor who told me that my nadi has a problem and my digestion is week. But after following her medicines for a month im not feeling any change. I am a kind of depressed ,as in others at least know their problem, well in my case i cant even get to know what my problem is. Sir can you help me or when is your next trip to delhi so that i can fix an appointment.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted February 14, 2015 4:39 pm 0Likes

      Good Afternoon Nalin! Thank you for writing to me.

      Weak digestion is one of the parameters for not putting on weight. But the cause has to be established. And the reasons for malabsorption of food should also be ascertained. There could be other associated secondary factors too.

      Nadi Pariksha is a very elaborate science which reveals not only the cause of the problems in the body but also ascertains the root cause which could also originate in your mind as 90% of the problems are psychosomatic.

      I will be coming to Delhi by the 3rd week of March. Do call me on my mobile by the 15th of March , the number is +910483505000. We can fix a convenient date and time for your Nadi Pariksha.

      • nalin
        Posted March 16, 2015 6:15 pm 0Likes

        Sir the number above which you gave is not valid. Im from delhi and want to fix an appointment with you. Could you please give the latest number.
        Thank you

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted March 17, 2015 1:20 pm 0Likes

          Namaste! The number is +919483505000

  • Puneet Juneja
    Posted March 19, 2015 1:21 am 0Likes

    pranam vaidya ravi ji,

    i read about you i am quite fascinated by this science of nadi prashikshan. i am 34 year old male suffering from depression for the past 16 years .it is obsessive compulsive disorder .i cannot sleep properly i take sleeping pills due to side effects of allopathy my weight which was once 65 kgs now i am 110 kg thanks to all the psychiatric treatment i have got in 16 years still i can’t sleep properly i feel very anxious most of the times and irritated i have lost interest in life.my brain has become very weak i cannot work anywhere so i am unemployed right now. i want to meet you or fix an appointment .i reside in new delhi or can i speak with u.i have seen some terrible times in the last 16 years so i just want to know can this disease is curable. i dont know whether its my karma or not .but i simply want to rectify this problem as soon as possible. can we meet in delhi.


    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted March 19, 2015 6:41 am 0Likes

      Suprabhatam Punet!


      Dear Puneet, you have to stop branding yourself as being depressed. Depression is not a disease but a state of the mind you have chosen to retain it in. Allow me to explain.

      Whatever you went through in the last 16 years or 16 years back has left na unpleasant experience and impression in your mind. You have just been nursing it again and again. Please tell me, which tablet can change your thought process?

      Further, you are claiming that you have an “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”. You are going by a symptom defined by a science that does not have the ability to and does not go by understanding the cause, a requirement so important to address any ailment in patient.

      If you are stuck to your impressions of the past and all your actions revolve around this experience, knowingly or unknowingly, you need to speak your mind rather than keeping such impressions and experiences within.

      Medications which you are consuming now are only making you weaker and demolishing your resolve to fight back and get back to normal life. Your craving to become normal only has prompted you to address your problems to me and to search for help.

      Please speak to me and do definitely meet me in Delhi in the 1st week of April. We will work together to sort this out.

      Your ways till now have not helped. Are you willing to go that extra mile to be “Unconditionally Happy”??

      Please call me on +919483505000 after 11.30 am on any day and before 8 pm.

      I pray and wish for you that you have a great Smiling Day – Today Onwards 🙂

      • Puneet Juneja
        Posted March 19, 2015 7:29 pm 0Likes

        pranam raviji,

        when i diall your no it says this no is not valid .kindly provide me the other no if you have.

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted March 19, 2015 9:40 pm 0Likes

          Kindly call me on +919483505000. This is the only number I have.

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted March 21, 2015 5:44 am 0Likes

          Namaste Puneet! Kindly dial +919483505000. This is the only contact number I have. Or else, please message me.

    Posted April 25, 2015 8:20 pm 0Likes

    please telme full ditails nadivaidyam.in thirupati adress.my adderess D.SIVA KUMAR THIRUPATI.0924 7112558.ANDRA PRADESH.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted April 29, 2015 9:11 pm 0Likes

      What details do you require?

  • Hemani
    Posted June 12, 2015 9:44 pm 0Likes

    Do you visit Delhi ? How to contact you otherwise , I have a problem of senserorimetor obsessions . Do you feel you can help . More in your reply . Thx

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted June 16, 2015 5:20 pm 0Likes

      Dear Hemani. I will be visiting Delhi this month on the 25th. I will be put up in Noida, Sector 14. You may please call me on +919483505000 to know my schedule and book your appointment too at your most preferred time slot.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted August 7, 2015 11:57 am 0Likes

      Dear Hamami! I will be visiting Delhi by the end of August. Kindly call me by the 20th of this month to know my schedule. My number is +919483505000.

  • Datta padmaja
    Posted August 7, 2015 2:48 pm 0Likes

    Nice information

  • amitesh
    Posted August 21, 2015 11:38 am 0Likes

    Dear Ravi sir,
    I am 31year old male staying in bangalore, I have been diagnosed bronchial asthma in 2007 and on rotacaps inhaler ,I was an alcoholic mostly full day about 360 ml whiskey for about 2-3 years and leave the habit in November 2014, after that I had few relapses of alcohol but I tried my best to give up this habit and away from alcohol 1 month ,my problem is now I feel fatigue ,heavy head like someone gripped my head ,feel very low and anxiety fear for life,I have been to Dr DEVENDRA triguna( son of bruhspati dev triguna) at sarai kale khan Delhi he is famous for naadi parikshan and treatment given to me accordingly due to much patients he dont have much time to discuss with patients and I am not fully satisfied with the treatment as till now 3 weeks I am still using inhaler and head heaviness etc is there, as I am working in bangalore would like to meet and want treatment from you, I feel very low anxious and interestless in life,please help me sir

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted August 26, 2015 4:23 am 0Likes

      Dear Amitesh! Please call me by the 20th of this month. I should also be posting my itinerary for Bangalore soon.

  • mukul
    Posted September 28, 2015 9:50 pm 0Likes

    Send to us full details in points

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted September 28, 2015 10:25 pm 0Likes

      Namaskaram! What details do you need? What subject are you asking me to write about?

  • rajasekhar
    Posted October 29, 2015 9:51 am 0Likes

    My name is Rajasekhar age 28 years
    i have been sufferring from head ache and chest pain for the last 3 years how much healthy food ii eat iam weak motion for 3 times body pains heart beats fast blood vessels pain as blood flow is not good body pains red eyes red or yellowish urine

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted October 30, 2015 6:31 pm 0Likes

      Dear Rajshekar! Thank you for writing to me. Where do you stay? Can you come for a Nadi Pariksha? I swill be in Bangalore from 8th till the 11th.

  • c.j.sai krishnan
    Posted February 4, 2016 1:53 pm 0Likes


    Im krishnan from Bahrain gulf, i hv seen your blog and i also do sudharshana kriya since many years. We have AOL centre and they are now conducting programs for Nadi pareeksha next week. I have started believing in such nature cure for human body. I am a surviving cancer patient – oral tongue cancer in 2010 august and have undergone chemo and radiations, then recurrance , , tongue n neck surgry in 2013 and again in feb 2014 i got buckal cancer and done surgery. Iam doing very well accepting life with such limitations to speak but having great blessings from parents ( im great believer of parents blessing keeping me so strong in mind )

    what do you suggest to me on the following :

    a. speech.improvement….is it possible ?
    b. mouth opening improvement
    c. future precautions to stop cancer formation etc
    d. how frequent we should meet ayurveda treatment

    I am a brahmin from chennai and i am 100% veg and no habits since 3 years.

    Kindly suggest me and will be obiliged if you could mail me : sails1401@gmail.com

    Look forward to your response

    kind regards

    i will certainly meet

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted February 28, 2016 11:31 am 0Likes

      Dear Sai Krishnan, I cannot answer your question till I do your Nadi Pariksha. I cannot answer your question hypothetically.

      Ravana Nadi Pariksha is a thorough Siddha system of Nadi Pariksha practiced by only a handful of Nadi Vaidyas.

      I was taught this pure science by my Guru, a Siddha himself from the Tantra Shastras.

      We are Siddha Vaidyas belonging to the Nath tradition.

      Nadi Pariksha done here is elaborate and the consultation talks about 45 minutes to an hour for a patient.

      A thorough run down I given to you. You may please read my article on Nadi Pariksha on my blog.

      • c.j.sai krishnan
        Posted March 30, 2016 8:10 pm 0Likes

        thanks for ur reply sir, i will visit chennai in april or may 2016, will meet or call you. I had a consultation with other nadi doctor honestly i didnt receive any impact or diagnosis to satisfy.
        However i will meet you and seek any solutions

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted March 30, 2016 8:44 pm 0Likes

          Dear Sai Krishnan! I do not visit Chennai. I consult out of Bangalore and Mumbai. So if you are planning to come to either Bangalore o Mumbai, please do let me know in advance. Also, do follow my blog to get updates of my itinerary.

  • Nripen
    Posted February 27, 2016 2:00 pm 0Likes

    I stay near mumbai.I have mainly 2-3 problems which are causing tension.My age is 37 Yrs.Shall I visit for nadi pariksha?What are your consulting charges?

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted February 28, 2016 11:16 am 0Likes

      Namaskaram! I’m in Mumbai from tomorrow till the 3rd. Do visit me for a Nadi Pariksha.

      Here are the essential requirements for the Nadi Pariksha;


      1). Nadi Pariksha is performed on an empty stomach. You cannot have a bath or consume any food or beverage except ordinary water.

      2). Nadi Pariksha is done only at specific times in the day as the Biological Clock, both in the morning as well as in the evening.

      3). Yoga, Exercise or any other form of physical activity including walking and Pranayamas cannot be performed.

      4). Please refrain from consuming Alcohol or smoking at least 48 hours before the Nadi Pariksha.

      6). Remove your Nail polish from your nails to facilitate checking of nails to complete diagnosis.

      7). If there is any other form of medication you are undergoing currently, please inform me well in advance before your date for Nadi Pariksha so that you can be suitably advised and will have time to consult your doctor for the same.

      8). If you are consuming Steroids or Antibiotics, refrain from doing so 48 hours before the Nadi Pariksha. You may want to consult your doctor for this.

      9). If you are undergoing Chemo-Therapy, then you will have to wait for the Nadi Pariksha to be performed on you only after 20 days.

      10). In case of Dialysis, Nadi Pariksha can be performed only a week after the Dialysis, if it’s only 1 dialysis per week; or after 15 days if more than one dialysis is being done per week.

      Also, it will depend on the age and current health of the patient.

      • kumar
        Posted March 4, 2016 8:51 am 0Likes


        Just want to know whether the heart desease(heart attack etc.) can be diagnosed wiith nadi pariksha or not?
        I am having chest pain and jaw pain. Naadi pariksha doctor diagnosed it as hypeacidity. Could it be the reason..??

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted March 4, 2016 9:22 am 0Likes

          Dear Mr.Kimar. Thank you for writing to me.

          I will have to do your Nadi Pariksha to find out the cause.

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted March 8, 2016 9:35 pm 0Likes

          Good Evening Kumar! Thank you for writing to me. Heart diseases or a heart condition can be very easily diagnosed through Nadi Pariksha.

          A Nadi Pariksha an definitely detect the cause of your suffering can give the exact remedy for you.

  • Satinder
    Posted March 27, 2016 9:45 pm 0Likes

    Hello sir, mere skin pe itching problem ah pls eska koi elaj btaye mere ko 3 months se problem ah kabhi hat jathi ah or kabhi ho jathi ah

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted March 27, 2016 10:04 pm 0Likes

      Dear Satinder! Thank you for writing to me. Where do you stay? You need to get a Nadi Pariksha done for me to assess you health condition and ascertain the cause of your itching.

      Where do you stay? Mumbai, Delhi?

  • Kiran
    Posted April 4, 2016 10:35 am 0Likes

    Hello sir
    Iam kiran age 37 and iam suffering from paraplegia since 2011 , can i have your address in bangalore where i can take appointment.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted April 4, 2016 10:42 am 0Likes

      Good Morning Kiran. Thank you for writing to me. And thank you for calling me. I am messaging you the address.

  • rasika shah
    Posted April 4, 2016 2:44 pm 0Likes

    Respected Sir,
    Thanks a lot for writing such a beautiful article. My uncle has also studied this Nadi Shastra. I wanted to ask u one question which I felt hesitated to ask to my uncle. I know that Nadi pariksha can say if a woman is pregnant or not but Can nadi pariksha determine if a person is sexually active or not?

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted April 4, 2016 2:46 pm 0Likes

      Thank you for writing to me Rasika. Yes! Nadi can predict that very accurately.

  • johnson
    Posted April 5, 2016 8:12 pm 0Likes

    Hello sir ,

    I am john from hyderabad am very much interested to learn this science from u.I am a freelance journalist and i love to explore things from past few days i have been reading booms regarding nadi vaidya but i want a guru who can teach me secrets of nadi pariksha pratically would u teach me ?

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted April 5, 2016 8:42 pm 0Likes

      Dear John. Thank you for writing to me. I appreciate your deep interest in the subject. But you need to have an In-depth understanding of the subject of Ayurveda. Only then can this be taught.

      • john
        Posted April 7, 2016 8:28 am 0Likes

        Sir , i would like to no the complete understanding of this science i want to learn it and i need a guru like u who can teach with love and care..

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted April 7, 2016 8:45 am 0Likes

          My Dear John. I appreciate your interest. You please start going through the articles on my blog and discuss with me. This way, your understanding of the science will grow with time.

  • Anil Kumar Maurya
    Posted April 10, 2016 12:19 pm 0Likes

    क्या नाड़ी परीक्षा से किसी रोग का इलाज किया जा सकता है ।
    दिल्ली में अपना पता जरूर बताये

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted April 10, 2016 12:24 pm 0Likes

      Thank you writing to me Anilji! Nadi Pariksha is a diagnostic tool. After diagnosis only, the treatment and possible cure can be discussed.

      • anil kumar maurya
        Posted April 10, 2016 1:06 pm 0Likes

        मेरे पिताजी के शरीर मे बाये तरफ हाथ पैर मे कमजोरी तथा झुनझुनाहट हमेशा रहती है पैर मे जकड्न रहता है।पिछले १० सालो से क्या इलाज हो सकता है। जरूर बताये।
        पता और फोन नम्बर बताये।

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted April 10, 2016 1:12 pm 0Likes

          It can be cured hopefully. My number is 9483505000

  • kannan
    Posted April 14, 2016 6:08 pm 0Likes

    How accurate is it? Is it possible that the slow pulse of a well-trained athlete is wrongly interpreted as nervous weakness? Not being disrespectful but it is a nagging doubt in my mind.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted April 14, 2016 11:05 pm 0Likes

      Slow pulse is not a sign of nervous weakness. And an athlete cannot have a slow pulse.

      • kannan
        Posted April 15, 2016 7:48 am 0Likes

        See, that’s where you lose out on the modern knowledge that Western science has to offer. If you google for athlete’s heart you will come to know from trustable sources that athletes especially endurance athletes such as marathon runners have a slow pulse.

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted April 15, 2016 7:54 am 0Likes

          Probably you are wanting to prove a point here desperately. Mind is a factor which modern science never took into consideration. Please read more before you make statements Mr. Kannan. Your partial understanding cannot be quoted as facts.

          • kannan
            Posted April 15, 2016 7:58 pm 0Likes

            My only concern is whether you will diagnose a slow pulse as some health issue, not to debate anything. You have already said that Slow pulse is not a sign of nervous weakness. Does slow pulse have any negative to it in Nadi Pariksha?

          • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
            Posted April 15, 2016 8:21 pm 0Likes

            Low pulse does indicate an issue connected to the heart.

          • kannan
            Posted April 16, 2016 12:09 am 0Likes

            So you will wrongly diagnose an athlete in excellent health.

          • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
            Posted April 16, 2016 4:37 am 0Likes

            Mr.Kannan! Nadi Pariksha takes a lot of things into consideration before diagnosis called etiology or “Samprapti”. This is a prognosis of what a disease is all about. For example, a person who is in deep state of meditation or who is tranquil within will have a slow pulse too. So everything depends on the environment (both external as well as internal), the time of Nadi Pariksha, the etiology, the state of mind.

            For example, a person who can jump to conclusions like you cannot have a slow pulse. Rather, you would be trying to prove a point for some or the other reason or no reason at all. And your pulse will race in excitement which may or may not have a firm footing of a thorough knowledge of the subject.

  • tanvi
    Posted April 19, 2016 4:36 pm 0Likes

    hello sir,
    read your blog…its really nice and loaded with such good information.
    i also read some of the comments that were posted and got a doubt ..two actually..!
    well first , if a person is sexually inactive ..umm…like for 2 3 months …can nadi tell he once was active??
    second , i heard a doctor (ayurvedic) saying that ..”she lost her virginity long back”. ( you know …the v.wall breaks if a person is so much into sports, gym n stuff) so nadi tells whether the person is sexually active just by checking for the v.wall or is there any other way as well??
    thank you!

  • akash
    Posted May 10, 2016 8:52 am 0Likes

    hello sir I like your post very much need your guidance I m in very serious situation rit now want to meet you when will you come to delhi
    and please tell me your charges also
    thank you

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted May 23, 2016 4:40 pm 0Likes

      Hi Akash! Thank you for writing to me. I will be coming to Delhi in June. Kindly see my schedule and please call me to fix up your most preferred time and date for your Nadi Pariksha.

      • चितरंजन झा
        Posted June 13, 2016 4:31 pm 0Likes

        Mr. KLrishnamurthy, i want to meet u for treatment in delhi. pl give me yr contact no on 9899785849.

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted June 13, 2016 4:32 pm 0Likes

          My contact number is +919483505000

      • Shabnam Khan
        Posted June 15, 2016 11:18 am 0Likes

        Hi sir are you in Delhi, i want come for nadi pariksha..

        • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
          Posted June 15, 2016 3:44 pm 0Likes

          I will be in Delhi from the 21st till the 23rd of this month.

          • Anil Kumar Maurya
            Posted June 21, 2016 5:41 pm 0Likes

            सर, दिल्ली का अपना पता बताये हम आपसे कैसे मिल सकते है।
            Anil Kumar Maurya

          • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
            Posted June 21, 2016 5:49 pm 0Likes

            Dear Anilji!

            I am very sorry to say that I am not In a position to come to Delhi. I have taken ill because of very hectic travel work In the past couple of months.

            I will be going for an “Anushtaan” for 48 days in a temple and will be back for consultation on LY in the month of September.

          • Anil Kumar Maurya
            Posted June 21, 2016 6:03 pm 0Likes

            Sir aapne 15 June k email m likha h Ki Delhi m aaunga isliye m apne pitaji ko ghar se bulaya h

          • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
            Posted June 21, 2016 9:28 pm 0Likes

            I did not know I could fall sick Anilji!

  • Shabnam Khan
    Posted June 14, 2016 6:00 pm 0Likes

    Hello sir,
    Your blog us really interesting and knowledgeable. I want to go ahead for naadi parikshan kindly suggest me ayurvedacharya in Delhi.
    Few days I had bloody stool, i rushed to doctor without asking any questions they suggested for colonoscopy, i mean i had bloody stool but m not feeling week n m scared for colonoscopy. I m taking PAN_DSR feeling no blood.. But m concerned too..

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted June 14, 2016 6:05 pm 0Likes

      You may take my appointment in Delhi. I’m there from the 21st till the 23rd. You may contact me for the same.

  • kavitha
    Posted June 21, 2016 8:02 am 0Likes

    Where to learn nadi parishka if a person is interested?

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted June 21, 2016 8:04 am 0Likes

      What is your qualification please?

  • kusum
    Posted September 2, 2016 7:22 am 0Likes

    Please keep my issue private. I am a 44 years old woman. I have been experiencing physical body changes with every menstrual cycle. Visible changes. I have consulted gynaecologists.and discussed my issues with them. But nobody is able to understand my problem. Body changes are normal. But not what I am experiencing. I have white discharge after my periods. Then experience lower abdomen pain or burning. And then every month my breasts get heavier than the previous month. I wear loose indian clothing. If I get a blouse done….it just doesn’t fit after 2 months.
    Can you diagnose my problem. Please keep this confidential. If you can give me confidence….i can come and consult you. I have wasted a lot of money without any results. I am not a working person…therefore have very limited funds. But I will definitely pay your fees.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted September 5, 2016 6:07 am 0Likes

      Thank you writing to me Kusumji! Everything the everyone writes to me is treated as “Very Strictly Confidential”, however trivial or serious may the matter be.

      There are 3 issues you have mentions here namely;

      1). White Discharge
      2). Lower Abdomen pain
      3). Heaviness of Breasts

      White discharge is the uterine secretion and happens because of the following reasons;
      1). Stress
      2). Lack of sexual expression
      3). A state of feeling low and feeling unwanted

      A pain I the lower abdomen is of a similar nature but could also be associated with the following;

      1). Mucous in the large intestine causing partial stool evacuation
      2). Gas in the large intestine which is not having a release because of stress and the reversal of Apana Vayu
      3). Blocks energy because of a feeling of low and lack of participation in a relationship

      The swelling up of the breasts is for the following reasons;
      1). A poor lymphatic system where the fluid get accumulated leading to swelling of breasts.
      2). When there is an accumulation of body heat because of an agitated metabolic activity because of low expression of deep seated emotions like anger, hatred, rejection etc, the lymphatic glands swell up leading to the swelling up of the breasts. The pitta in the body rises and prevents natural lymphatic drainage.
      4). You will also be experiencing Dandruff and Hairfal as well with back pain.

  • nakul
    Posted September 6, 2016 7:53 pm 0Likes

    sir i have been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome from the past 10 years , i have tried all form of medicine but its of no help. can you please guide me regarding it . are there any yoga asanas that would be beneficial for my conditions.

    • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
      Posted September 6, 2016 7:54 pm 0Likes

      Good Evening Nakul. Thank you for writing to me. Where do you reside?

    • nakul
      Posted September 6, 2016 8:03 pm 0Likes

      new delhi

      • ayurvedantayoga by Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy
        Posted September 6, 2016 8:06 pm 0Likes

        I have just arrived in Delhi today. I guess you should get your Nadi Pariksha done. I shall tell you why.

        Irritable bowels usually is a result of stress and tensions held within. Also, lifestyle and unhealthy and untimely eating habits contribute to its aggravation.

        Please call me and I Shall explain. My number is *919483505000

  • S k pandey
    Posted February 23, 2017 11:23 am 0Likes

    A nice analysis of Nadi study was given in the article for learner.I am interested in detailed and also to know a Vaidya in Noida,near Delhi for the axamination.

  • Sushil jha
    Posted June 7, 2018 12:24 am 0Likes


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