Water should never be had just before,with or soon after the food

Our saliva is alkaline in nature. When we chew our food, saliva mixes with the food and when the food travels down to the stomach, this mixture balances the acid and bile secretions present in the stomach.  This balance is necessary as the excess secretion of acids can destroy food and convert it to toxins.

If we drink water with food or just before/after food, water dilutes the acids present in the stomach. Moreover, the heat required to digest the food (which is called Pachaka Agni or Jathara Agni) is reduced thereby preventing the break down of food.

Water should be consumed once every 2 hours during the day

This is very important as consuming water this way has the following benefits;

  • Water helps in maintaining the consistency of blood.
  • Water will help in keeping the tissues hydrated thereby allowing the slow down of the ageing process.
  • Water helps in carrying the nutrition to the outer extremities of the body and also helps in collecting the waste the tissues have eliminated and carries it to throw it out of the body.
  • As circulation is enhanced, water helps in maintaining the lustre and suppleness of skin thereby preventing the early formation of wrinkles on the skin (this can be very effectively delayed along with treatments for specific constitution types)
Water should not be consumed just before going to bed

When we consume water just before we go to bed, water will increase Vayu (or Wind energy in the system) and this can prevent you from having continuous sleep. Since wind energy is upwardly mobile, it disturbs the thoughts that are being rested by the mind to allow sleep to set in.

Also, once you drink water and immediately lie down to go to sleep, the kindney would have processed it in 2 hours and you’ll be disturbed to go to urinate. As the Apana Vayu (the energy meant for evacuation of urine, stools, semen, menstrual fluids etc.) will increase, you will now be subconsciously aware that you need to urinate but you’ll not want your sleep to be disturbed. So, you will either consciously or subconsciously pull in your urine. This will then reverse the energy flow (of Apana Vayu) and will send the energy upwards, towards your head. You will then be woken up and consciously reminded to urinate.

Once your sleep is disturbed, you will find it difficult to either go back to sleep or will loose the same depth of sleep. Especially when you are awakened at the time between 1 – 3 am, (the time for the Gall Bladder and Liver), acid formations in the body go up. As the body is awake, automatically the stomach, small intestine and all the enzymes required to give you energy start to go up. As no food is consumed at this time, the acids are sent into circulation instead of nutrition. This leads to the body’s immunity going down. You will then be susceptible to problems relating to digestion, assimilation, excretion etc.

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