You are essentially and most naturally Happy! You do not have to get it from a big house, expensive cars, Jewelry or any kind of purchase… You are Happy as it is!

Then, What Goes Wrong! Why do you keep searching for it in everything, in everyone?

Why do YOU expect;

a). People to make ‘you’ happy

b). People to treat ‘you’ well

c). People to give ‘you’ respect

d). People to tell ‘you’ the right things, and

e). Material purchases to contribute to ‘your’ happiness

It is your own sense of hollowness, your shallow understanding of who you are,… And this positively contributes to your unhappiness,… Therefore, you are constantly searching for it in the wrong places, in others, from others…!

Moreover, “Being Happy” is your choice, and it is for you…Not from others or things!

How and Where are you going wrong?

YOUR THINKING – A thought is just a thought, innocent by itself, devoid of any quality. But you prefer to perceive it in a certain way. Now you have attached a value to this innocent thought and made it yours, the way ‘You prefer it’ (please note this).

YOUR FEELING – As you perceive, so you feel! Your feeling is your inner assessment of the thought. It originates from the inside of you as you opine.

YOUR EMOTION – Your emotion gives your feeling an expression. And this expression prompts you to act. Action completes the expression.

YOUR ACTION – Your action is “YOUR DECISION” to complete the expression and deliver a result. It is not an outcome of what “Anyone said or Did”. It is a direct result of how you decided to feel and emote. It totally depends on what is happening within you! So stop looking for excuses or blaming others for the way you behaved.

THE RESULT – The “Result” of your actions is innocent in itself. It is “JUST” an outcome of the way “YOU” Perceived, Felt, Emoted and Acted. It has nothing to do with anything or anyone external to you.

THE CONSEQUENCE – The result is there for you to see. But every result leaves behind it’s consequence for you to experience. While the result happens only once for that action, the consequence keeps on playing in your mind over and over again.If it is positive, you enjoy it. If it is negative, you hate it. If you try to discard it, it will not leave you. It is there to stay within you. It will keep haunting you.

This is “YOUR KARMA”, the unresolved vibrations you created within you. Again, do not blame your past life or your past experiences for it. You have been given intelligence to think rationally, and if you behaved foolishly, like a donkey so to say, have the courage to accept it!

You may try your best to blame others for it, but they are not affected by it, they don’t even know that you are blaming them for it. It is you who is foolishly holding them responsible. But understand this, you are suffering! It was your very own choice to Perceive, Feel, Emote, Act and Experience!

1). Take stock of the situation. Go within yourself and accept your mistake. Just brush past your useless, weak and fragile ego and hit your core and accept your fault for the wrong way you perceived. It all started here.

2). Take a decision not to perceive this way again. Realize the way you suffer the consequence and the damage it does to your natural “Happiness” state!

3). Ask for divine guidance. Go deep within your core and seek course correction. Be patient in looking at every situation. Remember the experience of having to live with the consequences of your choice.

4). Grow up in the way you look at everything from this minute onward. Do not repeat past mistakes. And hold yourself accountable. Become responsible for the way you perceive, feel, emote and act.

May God Bless You with right thinking and the nerve to accept your faults!

Ravishankar Krishnamurthy

Nadi Vaidya (Siddha), Yogacharya

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