Nadi Pariksha is the most intuitive of diagnostics performed by a Vaidya. Apart from the knowledge to perform the Nadi Pariksha, which is the key, the skill of performing it totally depends on his ability to disconnect from his active sense stimuli. He is required to bring in a state of absoluteness and tune his awareness totally to his higher consciousness to perform Nadi Pariksha.

It is extremely important that no internal conversation is happening at that moment. When the Nadi is pulsated, irrespective of the level at which it is being pulsated, intuitive guidance starts to happen. A one way conversation with the consciousness within starts guiding the Vaidya. When other conversations triggered off by thoughts, emotions, feelings or stimuli from the senses begin, the loudness and the jumble of these conversations can totally cut off this subtle guidance.

My earlier articles gain significance here and this is the reason why emptiness of the mind and silencing of thoughts is crucial for Nadi Pariksha. To arrive at this stage, a couple of very powerful sessions in Tantra and Yoga are taught. This is given as a part of the Diksha or initiation of Spiritual knowledge from Guru to desciple.

All vibratory frequencies arising out of the intellect, our mind as well as the communication by our senses to convey their understanding of what they have been directed to perceive by our intellect, is all to be nullified. This stage the most crucial as, if this is not taken care of, a Vaidya may be tempted (by virtue of his ego) to understand the pulse only from his point of view. Such an understanding will be disastrous to the whole diagnostic activity. In fact, it will lead the Vadiya to infer wrongly and will only bring chaos in his understanding of the pulse.

Reading the pulse is actually connecting the dots. There are a billion combinations out of which right mapping needs to be done. Understanding the Prakruti (the constitution at birth) and its subtler doshic imbalances vs the Vikruti (the altered state of constitution) with its subtle doshic imbalances, at the time of Nadi Pariksha is extremely important. This forms the foundation of the whole analysis. Pathological understanding to arrive at the right conclusion of the prognosis of the ailment happens on this basis as also other very crucial parameters which will be discussed later in the forthcoming articles. This requires absolute and total subtlety of mind and a fully opened super-conscious state. This is not difficult and can be attained by dedicated practice through actively attuning the mind to a meditative state as often as one prefers and practices.

The direction and the force of Prana that flows through the Nadis can only be ascertained if one is able to tune his Prana with that of the flow happening in that of the patient’s Nadis. Prana is universal intelligence. By tuning the Prana in both the patient and the Vaidya, the Vaidya can allow his higher consciousness to flow through the patient’s Nadi and communicate the findings. This process is so subtle, very elevating and extremely enlightening. If there is ever a slight disturbance in one’s awareness, the whole process of observation can become gross and can be misinterpreted.

For all this to happen, the Nadi Vaidya needs to be disconnected from active involvement in society’s matters. I was very specifically instructed by my Guru to be in the world and not be a part of it. This prevents conflicts and other emotions from emerging in the mind and allows a feeling of sattva in the Vaidya’s active conscious state. Also, it is extremely important to be calm and composed and be aware of the inner state of tranquility and quietude always. This will enable the Vaidya to delve deep within his self and allow introspecting of himself. As he goes deeper, he establishes more peace and calmness. Thus his state of being is one that of a “Siddha” or an adept being. Nadi Pariksha is a Siddha tradition predominantly and this practice is of utmost importance.

Before starting the Nadi Pariksha, the Vaidya is required to perform certain rituals to detach his energies and protect his aura from getting connected with his immediate environment. This way, he is also preventing diseased frequencies from infecting him as he will be merging his Prana with that of his patient. This ritual is called a “Kavach” or a divine protective shield. This is performed through chanting of mantras, performing Mudras and performing very specific Pranayamas to activate the chakras to still the body and, silence the mind and connect the Vaidya to higher states of consciousness. This will be dealt with in the next article.


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    • ayurvedantayoga
      Posted November 4, 2012 7:28 pm 0Likes

      The sense organs are the doors to the mind. And the mind can perceive only through
      The senses. Whlle doing Nadi Pariksha, the nadis are read and interpreted at the
      Subtlest levels; at the level of Consciousness.

      Therefore, Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses) is extremely important.

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