Yoga means union – a union with nature. Man is a part of nature. Thus, the aim of Yoga is to reunite man to his most natural state, his original constitution or Prakruti physiologically and merge into Cosmic Consciousness, Spiritually. Yoga is a state of being, a state of being in absolute harmony within oneself where emotions, perceptions and all of one’s acquired personality are nullified. This enables us to enjoy our most blissful state. There’s a free flow of energy, a feeling of natural calmness with no interference from any stimulus of any kind.


Yoga is a spiritual science for self development and evolution. Through a process of awareness of living a life in harmony and practicing certain principles, we alter our state of consciousness and work towards Self Realization.
The practice of a “Life in Yoga” involves following and adapting the principles of the 8 fold path of Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga. They are;

  1. Following socially acceptable and harmonious behavioral patterns (YAMAS)
  2. Developing or designing our life based on the eternal truths in our scriptures, the Vedas (NIYAMAS)
  3. Practicing psycho-physiological postures to discipline the body and make it disease free (ASANAS)
  4. Controlling the life force or Prana through altered breathing practices (PRANAYAMAS)
  5. Control of our sense and withdrawal of our senses inward (PRATYAHARA)
  6. Concentrating on our actions to perform our actions in awareness, in the “Here and Now” (DHARANA)
  7. Contemplate on “Who we are” and meditate on what is the purpose of our taking this birth. And where are we proceeding towards in the end (DHYANA)
  8. Realize our true nature as in oneness with Cosmic Consciousness and ultimately merge into Divine Consciousness (SAMADHI).

Yoga in itself is full and complete if the philosophy is understood behind the practice.

Powerful therapies to counter Obesity (Weight Loss programme), Anti Ageing, Home Detox Programmes, Marma Chikitsa to deal with Psocho-somatic ailments, Backaches, Digestive Disorders, Hypertension, Migraines, Blood Pressure, Skin Ailments etc have been very effectively treated.


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