Age is usually calculated numerically, from the time you came out of your mother’s womb. This is just the numerical age; according to the calendar.

There is another age that is more important, more significantly powerful, that makes you younger comparatively. This is your biological age. Biological age depends on your bio-rhythms. And this bio-rhythm is based on the your discipline, the timings of lifestyle based on the biological clock.

This has been an age old practice in India. Our ancestors till our grand parents would sleep early and wake up early. The age old saying “Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy wealthy and wise” is even now followed across Europe.

A simple example is going to sleep at 10 pm. Every once in 2 hours, one organ works efficiently. To be very brief here, lets begin with the night. Between 9-11 pm, the circulation is working where the body is beginning to heal itself by balancing energies. This is the time when you need to provide rest to the body.

When you observe closely, you will find that the healthiest people are those who are above 70 years of age and above, and thereafter as you count downwards towards the children today, health has got vastly deteriorated.

If you are awake after 10 pm, you are interfering with the biological clock and the reverse happens. The body gets stressed and acid rises causing acid indigestion and a host of problems begin because of that (we’ll deal with the biological clock in the forthcoming article/s. I solely depend on the matter I receive in my meditative state and pen it down).

Of course, with western influence, mostly American, who have no ancient historical tradition or culture to bank on, we have very aptly taken to their form of lifestyle – Meaningless, Easy, Hypocritical, Stress ridden, and Shallow.

In what way was our “Traditional Wisdom” different?

Everything that you do, everything that you eat and everything that you think and speak directly impacts the amount of energy you generate or spend.

Lets look at the way you should go to bed. The ideal way of going to sleep is thus; Take a general tour of your day in a state of detached awareness. Observe the activities you indulged in, and your actions thereon. Observe the way you felt and behaved, what you said etc.

Without justifying, introspect on the what happened. Make a note of where and why you did wrong or right (according to universally applicable values of Love, Compassion, Empathy, Understanding and Cooperation, not your justifications). Make a note of where you need to change, if necessary write it down.

Soon after, perform Bramari (the way in Tantra is totally different and very very powerful) and Anuloma Viloma. Bramari is science of “Nada Yoga”, the Yoga of sound, It stills the brain waves and internal chatter of the mind. Anuloma Viloma balances the Sensory and Motor nerve pathways thereby bringing in harmony in body-mind coordination. By supplying equal quantity of oxygen to both sides of the brain, it helps in bringing rational thinking and calms you down.

After this process you go to bed. You wake up in the morning in the same way to superimpose the same relaxed state to start your day in peace, love and harmony with your inner self.

“You will wake up fresh in the morning with no baggage if the past”.

Evacuation of bowels is another very important factor as this is a process of detoxification. Reading a newspaper while passing stool is the “Most Ridiculous” of activity. The whole intent and purpose of sitting on the pot is defeated. When you read something exciting, sleazy or nasty (of course described very interestingly – even rape and murder seems interesting to read – Yuck), Apana Vayu (the downward directed force to eliminate Urine, Stools, Semen, Menstrual fluids etc. ) gets reversed and you stop evacuation without your knowledge.

The justification is that “I’m saving time”… How about being served Breakfast here too?? Something ‘going in and something going out’ simultaneously. Exciting?? And you can have a shower as this whole process is going on. So, all you have to do is wipe yourself, get dressed and go to the office.

Having a shower/bath only after 30 minutes helps.

Food time is your “private time”. When you consume food, allow your sense of smell and taste to be supreme. How you consume is more important that what you consume, and this decides your health. Do not watch TV or talk on the mobile or indulge in conversation.

Do not drink water with food or eat anything sweet (be it fruits or mithai” immediately after food. These interfere with the alkali-acid imbalance and interfere with the digestive process. There are numerous combinations of food that are harmful when consumed together, this is a very big topic to cover here.

Lastly, the way you think and behave. Imagine the amount of energy you ‘Get and Conserve’ when you do a good activity, helping someone across the road, directing a person to the right address, helping someone in trouble, even in a small way or just exchanging a smile, probably with a small conversation, giving way while you drive or when you just spend time admiring yourself or when you sing your favourite song.

On the contrary, look at the energy you ‘Spend and Consume’ when you swear, shout, lose your temper, tell lies or play politics. Even your self esteem takes a beating and you curse more because of that and “very casually” blame everyone else for the way you feel.

CONCLUSION – You are responsible for your wellness. Not your doctor or medicines, not your environment, not your family, your colleagues or your friends. Everyone exists in the world, most perfectly in their ‘own world’.

If you want to be happy, live in and through your consciousness. You will be divinely guided.

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