Your Emotions Decide how Healthy you are

Your emotions decide the way you feel
The way you feel decides the way you breathe
The way you breathe decides the way your heart beats
The way your heart beats decide your health

What can cause your emotions to get disturbed;

1. Attachment
2. Expectations

Attachments bind you. You take people for granted and affix a relationship status or a label on them. Then you decide the kind of expectations you have from them.

You expect people’s responses according to your expectations. And when you do not get the desired responses, you feel disappointed and blame them.

It’s all happening from within you.

See how your body responds to your emotions;

1. LIVING IN YOUR CURRENT MOMENT – Heartbeat – Slow and relaxed – Feeling of lightness. Your life is easy and comfortable. You are in the here and now. No expectations.

2. LIVING IN YOUR PAST – Heartbeat – Labored – Feeling heavy and bogged down. Your experiences leave a scar on your emotional health from past unresolved expectations.

3. LIVING IN YOUR FUTURE – Heartbeat – Fast – Feeling confused, incomplete and scared. Your emotions are liable to get scarred as your experiences from your past bring forth future expectations.


1. Sort out your past, without expectations
2. Live In the current moment, without expectations
3. Let your future reveal itself, without expectations

Remember this – Your past should not be your present. But your present can definitely be your future.

The future is nothing but your present repeated several times over.

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