Emotions are directly associated with the way you feel. This is true always; whether you are In Anger, are Nervous, Jealous or you are in Fear or when you fall in love, ‘instantly’.

“Using emotions” helps bring clarity to the way you “feel” you should put things forward to another person/s. The question here is thus; does emotion represent a perspective or your point of view, or just your impulse?

Emotions help in fulfilling a dormant desire that keeps resurfacing now and again. This is because emotions gets converted to action. But a human always expects a certain result, and when this is not achieved, a person tries again and again to obtain “the” expected result.

Can the expected result be achieved? And why is not getting achieved? When food can satisfy hunger, clothes can cover nudity, ana house can cover you from the elements of nature, what else is left?

Its rather interesting when you explore the above facts;

1. FOOD –
a). Satisfies hunger
b). Also satisfies an unfulfilled desire in the form of emotional eating.
c). Becomes an enemy for an obese person. And the person actually ends up putting on more weight after eating less and becomes physically weaker.
d). Nowadays stomach is stitched as a direct expression of a weak personality saying “Yes! I’m a victim of my emotions”, so what?

The cause – Emotional Decisions.

a). Helps cover your nudity
b). Has become your form of expression
c). Also, helps in revealing your inability to express by reducing its use on the body, called also as ‘fashion’.
Commercially, the smaller the dress, the more expensive it is. Any logic?

Yes! The cause is Emotional Decisions.

a). Helps to protect you from the vagaries of climate change
b). Has become an expression of the ego
c). Has become a status symbol
Where your body requires a 6’X 4′ (6 feet X 4 feet) area to rest, you want a bedroom as big as your ego can stretch. Thankfully, the size of the room is partially curtailed because of some vague reasoning.

The cause – Emotional Decisions

After the above simple expressions, if you are one with a calm expression and have attained contentment due to ‘Discrimination’ (Viveka) and ‘Dispassion’ (Vairagya)  you a very happy and joyful person.

And after all the fancies and decorations of you ego, if you are still Hungry for food, Cold because of want of adequate clothing and feel short of space….. Its time you decided what is actually good for you.

Do you want to still live with you ego? Or do you want to experience living with your consciousness??

And if you need help, Seriously, it is available! With you… within you! Only you need to explore an inward journey!

You are your judge. Its your emotion >> ITS YOUR LIFE….!!

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